HornyMatches.com claims to have personal ads but is seemingly fraudulent. There may be real ads, but most communications are eerily similar:

*One to two lines of response

*Responses are very similar in Characteristic and style, as if they are written by the same person

*Responses have indicators that they are written by much older seasoned persons than the picture indicated

*I saw the same woman's picture representing herself as being from: (1.) Oregon, and (2.) Visalia CA

My conclusion is that they rip photos off the internet and write ads for them, and then send and receive emails from customers

The number of women who are supposed to be "online now," or "Last Visit: Today" don't seem to be possible, and are probably falsehoods.

I paid with a credit card and am going to check to see if I have protection from fraud.

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*** MATCHES IS A ***. yes this web site is a ***.

i paid $69 joining fee and most of the female profile are bogus. i'm really pissed off.


mencari wanita hypersex


If any one is a member and dosent belive what im saying. Make a standard membership off another email account and send your self some mail.

You wont get it. I made a complaint and they denied it. A few minuets later the mail went through but the next time i checked it didnt work again.

Save your money. There are free sites.


Yep their mostly fake ads and your sent mails are mostly dicthed by hm


I find that horney match.Well am tell you never know who your going meet. If you don't pay another sex site come my email addess.But you can read profiles some nude some not. Jon


sites are spasm

do not pay anything with credit cards

they invade facebook

with false fotos and link people

to the site but please do not be decieved

these are *** people

have been on h. matches website daily get winks only from females acertain female has shown up in the same pics multiple times only to be removed "due to abuse" per the website and i've actually gotten an email .nothing more.
the nfemales seem to be bots as their locations in their own profiles dont match their location of my seach and their heading :proof that their being placed ther by a webmaster .beware of this site its tricky if the girls are hot and have a professionally looking photos.they keep showing up multiple times some at the same time same girl.your money your time at your own risk there are 171000 on my area 6000 of who are women so if their real the emails are in the thousands they could be receiving.very tricky in those ratios guys to girls to conclude anything

why havent u put the icon on against the 419ers..yet liek singlers net did..do it to protect u.

Acireale, Sicily, Italy #28045

An honest review by candi and then a dis and plug for a phone sex service.

Becker, Minnesota, United States #13355

whilst i tend to agree with all your comments i am living proof that hornymatches does indeed work

i have chatted to and met various men through the site both via site and other external email

Now i have definately met my *** match who has agreed to become my husband

i didn't set out to meet anybody i wanted to have a relationship with it just sort of happened but am more than glad it did

He is my soulmate, the luv of my life so yeah *** matches does work

And NO before you ask do i work for them not at all just someone who has up until recently used their services

Van Wert, Ohio, United States #7396

Most of those adult personals sites are phoney - they use personal ads they are not real and once you join you get responses from ads that sound so similar, This happens on most of the top sites such as sex search, horney match, adult friend finder (although they do have some real women) Personally, I have stopped using adult personals sites to find females. I feel like, the likelyhood of me joining a site and meeting a woman in the short amount of time that I would want her is not likely.

So now I prefer to use Adult Chatlines - At least you hear real voices of women who are live on the system, I have had everything from phone sex to actual meetings on this one line, but I am sure all are better than those personals sites. check out Intimate encounters at 1-800-713-2639 and 1-900-226-4545 I can guarantee you will make contact with real women that are looking for what you are looking for

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