HornyMatches.com is a huge scam. It is so unfortunate to realize that after wasting money.

1) I got some winks and a message once I signed up a free membership. To reply, I became golden member. Nobody responded to my replies. I threw over a hundred winks and 30 emails. One replied.

2) Everytime, I hit search to my local area, I see the same list of women. I checked it at different times of day and in weekdays and weekends. Morning, afternoon, evening, late-night, 4 am - every time, you see almost the same list of women and all are online. This never happens in reality.

I checked this with a different country (a small country in third world), and there are three women with pictures online - all the time. I know they have 35 hrs of loadshedding (no electricity) a week and uninterrupted internet and electricity is absolutely impossible in the country.

3) You click "next" and even the women in the last page you see will have women who are online. Everybody who signed up for the website are online at a given time. Impossible.

SUMMARY - do not get any membership. It is a scam.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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I wish someone with computer skills can spam their website and teach them a lesson :grin


*** matches is a scam,the evidence speaks for itself,wink at certain profiles and you receive an instant wink back, YET THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT 'ONLINE',very clever??,no auto response, or put another way 'bots',matt is not a loser,matt is simply stating facts. click on who's viewing me and you can guarantee none of those viewing you will be online,yet click on whose online and chances are you will spot who's viewing you,very strange.recent logins alters at every click yet change to who's online it's different people. no matt is not a loser, who posted the two comments??,*** matches personnel??,word is out around the site itself about it being a scam so something is obviously wrong somewhere.


matt your a losr


your a loser

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