This is a 100% scam site. I speak from considerable exxperience of Internet dating.Steer clear of this site!!!!

It is all scam and noone on it is genuine. I have had lots of experience with dating online and know when i am being scammed. And I now kow that thsi site is a total scam. They post pictures of very attractive women of all sizes to meet all tastes and send you a mail or wink.

You subscribe to reply and then you never hear from them again. Then they tickle you with other responses. I have copped it. This is 100% SCAM.

STAY AWAY!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Yes keep well away, its all about them making you pay to be able to answer.

On my profile I said if you want me to answer email me, that was rejected.

Their excuse was I might receive email spams. I then changed it to something like I will not reply through here so you know what to do, that was also rejected.

Do not pay these crooks.


Agreed! It is a fucken scam site run by low life European parasites who make their living by sucking blood out of others. It's sad such humanoids are granted to right to live and breathe on this earth :(


its true hornymatches is a scam. and i got caught too.got a few winks off women .

if you check out the couples you get winks off them. when you pay for gold membership it all stops.

nothing. i've sent my email address and still no replys

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