I had actually been a paying member of Hornymatches for about 3 months, then after seeing the same issues as others had I quit the service. Before I left I deleted photos and changed profile.

That was about 6 mos ago, I then went back just to check not signing in, but as an anonamous guest, then with a fake free ID. My old profile was still there, with my photos and it showed as on-line.

I sent it a wink, and got one back, they are not only scamming by using other profile from other sites, but keeping the other ones active after you quit. ***** Stay away from them it is a total scam ******

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Have signed up and tested the site,IT"S A FRAUD WITH A CAPITAL F. I've seen pictures of *** stars and a high school picture of a girl I went to school with 25 years ago.

One problem with that. The picture is on a 20 year old today.


Yep they are ALL scams. If you check simular web sites you will probably find your pics there also but with a different name and profile.


Another perspective for the non believers. At the end of this post is the Profile I submitted to HM's.

There is absolutely no way any hot babes would respond to this *** yet I have received multiple emails afterward with 'read your post you look interesting'. Another big clue is anytime you log onto the site the first prompt is for you to upload a photo so they can keep the scam going. Anyone who subscribes after reading this site is just a sucker.


Please send me a one line message so I can get all giddy over that and release my credit card number. While I am at it I will also give my bank account number including my Social Security number.

Looking For: A woman or a couple (man and woman) for erotic chat or email, discreet relationship or 1-on-1 sex

Ideal Person: Just like any woman (ugly or not) can go to the bar and pick up a dude I can go to any bar and just hand over my wallet. Why do either one of us need this site ? Day one. Got 4 hot babes pinging me. Oh goody. 4 babes in one day ? Must be cuz I am knew. All giddy about GETTIN LAID, specially for FREE. Still haven't given up the credit card number though. D2. Things are slowing down now. Only one hot babe today just wanting to do someting nazty to me. Yet to surrender the CC number. Three day. Wow back up the list. 3 Babes today. One is so hot I might jest let go of the CC #. Heck, they only squeeze $30 out of me, way cheaper than any *** I wuz ever wit ? Naww, I'll wait. Next day. 2 Babes today but now I am starting to wonder ? Why would any hot babe even stop on my profile with that BS and no freakin picture ? Must be dumbo don't know how to read !

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