This site, like others that appeal to your loneliness and sexual frustration(s) use decent to great looking women (that are supposedly local) to get you interested. They track the photos you click on and I believe either have automated "come-on" responses or people working on a commission basis send you winks and/or messages to get you aroused enough to sign up and spend your money.

Virtually all of your incoming messages are sent in the dawn hours (6AM-8AM) - hey, it's someone's job to get you on the hook!

You will spend money, but you will get no booty!

J.A. Montgomery, AL

Monetary Loss: $36.

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save your money and get a hooker


I had like 10 winks in the first day and about 20 "member" messages, so I went for the 3 day trial email offer. This was before I had any data in my profile or even a picture up. It was no big surprise that after replying to each and every person no one replied at all. Also after subscribing the "members"... I'm sorry I mean bots, stopped messaging me at all until the last day of my trial when I got several messages saying they wanted to hang out next week, haha nice try, convinent timing I should totally go renew!

The "people" making any claims on here to the contrary obviously have something at stake with the company, no one I know has ever actually met a person on the site or any affiliates linked from it, I knew better but tried it anyway.

Yes its illegal to use photos without a person's permission (in the US) but we don't know these people didn't sell their permission or that where the site is located (not the US) has any laws against it.

Think smart, its too good to be true that hot chicks would need any help getting banged, why would they be on here? They wouldn't but its an excellent money making scam.

:? hi

I made a genuine account on hornymatches and uploaded genuine photo of myself. I could contact no one because I am standard member and go to open the account and I was blocked for abuse.

What abuse?

Total *** stay well away because if they block genuine then they must be left with those they create themselves. I too got got an instant wink and was told I was blocked 3 days later for doing nothing more than looking through the search

sounds like more of the same on every site and plenty of fish is full of stank of nasty fish no women only ***. zoosks is also the biggest rip in history upgrade they say but no one ever answers emails or flirtsit is all a waste of time just get an escort like me then you know what she is in it for. :(
i e-mailed their site complaining i felt i had been conned i got a nonsense reply stating i could contact them anytime :cry
definitely a scam,with in 1 minute of registering,I had a wink.No profile nor a photo.Upgrade more messages and so on,responded to contacts and no replies.How can they be hot and *** when there is no photo and basic profile.Once bitten never again :(

plentyoffish.com is a free site and so far I have had some nice women email me. AND of course I emailed them back (FREE)!

Not a single time have I been asked for my credit card info or some BS promo to sign up.

Check them out, don't waste your money with these clowns. Guyyon


Although some people choose not to believe it, there actually are a few good looking females on that site that are not hired by the company and are only on there (like my case) for the need to be discreet. The site worked fine...

for a day. After posting normal pictures and finishing my normal profile, I was promptly blocked for abuse. Why? For being real and stealing the attention away from their *** bots?

They left my profile up, with my pictures and it says "ONLINE NOW". So I'm assuming they are now using my name, profile and pictures as a bot. I sent an email to them about a week ago asking why I was being blocked and... No Reply.

Shocker much?

Nope. Warning to the decent looking ladies out there: If you look better than their *** bots, they will steal your profile and your pictures and block you from logging on.


I dont know WTF is wrong with whoever says this website is ***, I think its personal or maybe you guys are not getting the attention you are looking for, I have been on this site for almost a year and I did actualy meet and hooked up with alot of the women from this website, different ages as weel, mainly in the state of Texas, so I do not know what are you guys talking about here, LOSRES


There only one thing wrong with what you people say . The law state,s that a company can not use a personnal photo without the permission of that person , if they do than they can be charged with a felony. and be sued, what i think is that you can,t get woman to sleep with you so your getting back at them , i think you need to GROW UP.


Hornymatches is a fraud, FOR SURE. With the research and testing I've preformed there is no dought.

Hornymatches also has affiliates which have the exact same pics and posts. You can see these as you do a search. After I finally got a reply from them I was told I will recieve a refund, in 5 to 10 days.

We'll see. Don't use them or there affiliates, trust me, these are scams and frauds.


I had one response commenting on my photo and I haven't even posted a pic!


I'm going to *** this site and destroy it


I have completed my final test of the site using Five standard members and one paying member. The pattern for the standard members was the SAME.

Wink and emails from paying members, asking you to reply, you must be a paying member to reply. After a paying member started to reply no answer.

Sounds alot like whats being posted. Will do more test in the next week but I have found Hornymatches is using spyware or tracking IP adress.

about time people realize that good looking girls on these sites could get laid anywhere, they dont need to join any web sites, its a deal we all know is 2 good to be true and all fall for it, it,s all a load of bollox and the only way ya get screwed is by handing over your money!!! :(

Completed a test of the site . Have sent over 60 emails juut asking where the people are .!!!!!!

NO REPLIES. The winks are automatic, change your location and they start all over again, same people!!! COOOOL !

Not a smart programer. Of over 500 winks ( 1 ) replie , not sure if real, no real contact, I'm lovin this *** not because I've baged a bad GUY.


The site is pure B S , Bait and hook, they did me , Have watched the pattern they use, it ain't that *** good but it works if ya just want ta get ya some. Heck of a scam that works.

Whats great to is you get emails directing you to other sites by some hot what ever to get there email address. They couldn't give it to ya when they emailed ya , WHAT THE F******.


I joined this site using two different profiles but living in the same state.

Within minutes i recieved identical emails saying that i was looking good and i should email her.

Thats the sting you have to pay to e-mail!


It's a site called "hornymatch.com" and you expect it NOT to be a scam? I bet you get your used cars from WeSellLemons.net and your financial services from We'reStealingYourMoney.NoReallyWeAre.com.

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