After reading some of the complaints here I did an experiment and signed up for a free account. After 9 days I had received about six emails and 4 winks. 90 ladies had viewed my profile in the first week, and this is consistent with the results I got with the same photo and similar description on Matches.

Note that with a free account on HM, you can receive emails but not send them. A free account allows you to send "winks" only.

Yesterday I went ahead and upgraded my account to gold and sent out emails to every one of the "ladies" that emailed me or winked at me, and several more who seemed to be compatible and in my age group. I also set my account to NOT automatically renew.

So far, none of my emails were responded to by "ladies" who seemed to show interest the day or week before when they had emailed me. Some of them were supposedly "online" when I emailed them. After emailing two of them, the profiles immediately moved to the top of my "who's viewing you" list, even though they were not currently on line. I could see one of them not responding, but ten who had previously expressed interest?

I noticed that some of the the "ladies" that had looked at my profile had last been on the site "never".

Some of the emails I got were from the other side of the country, yet the text said they were in my neighborhood. Lots of inconsistencies everywhere you take a closer look.

I think it is a total scam that might occasionally work for some people, but it is mostly a bait game to get your subscription money through false messages for the majority of people who sign up. It looks to me to be largely a computer program which simulates a dating site, with maybe a few real members.

I am definitely going to cancel my membership at the end of a month, but I might just email each and every every "lady" in my area to see if ANY of them respond. Somehow I don't think they will. I don't think I will get any more emails or winks either, because they have already "harvested" my subscription fee.

I think this company CLEARLY should be investigated for fraudulent practices. Anybody can do the same experiment I did and see if you get different results.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #598682

This site and all other dating sites are fakes, they use the same pictures of women in many different sites.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #598680

This site is totally fake, they don't even have one female member.




normally you can tellif their real if they either have a verifiedphoto, ora lot of photos of the same girl/ guy/whatever else.


Better take a look at sdc.com for my experience its real. Ciao


recently did the same. went back into terms and conditions and discovered that they use digital emissaries.

basically pictures of women are posted that have fake info. they also allow themselves to change anything on the site without notice.

a number of sites do this so your not alone. Hornymatches are located on an island near costa rica so they may or maynot have to abide by legalities of the US.


Just got ripped off. Should have Googled first!

Got someone who geolocated my IP and claimed they were at a local college!

Sent me a *** picture with blurred out face. These fsckers are getting clever!


I noticed that in some cases different profiles had the same pictures, and sometimes a profile would have pictures of several different women/models. Glad I didn't sign up proper and give them my money.


I have actually met one female from horneymatches..a very nice lady too and lots of fun :)


so this whole thing is a scam???


Any site that forces you to pay will be a scam. They all come from the same vendore more or less.

You can buy the package for like 75$ and set up you own website.

And guess what ? Its legal LOL, at least in US


well i paid my money, and the 1st date was this slightly plump lady with the biggest nipples i have ever seen. i spent the whole nightlike a sucker fish on them nips.

Then i met another woman who ran her lips upand down my rod so hard i thought she was gonna set the thing on fire. Basically the site is just full of slags and tarts that want one off sex with guys for free.

I wouldnt waste your money. Get down that bar :x

to oh my god Chester, England, United Kingdom #707531

This is all I am looking for. I wish I could get this much.


I joined and saw a interesting lady on HM. Emailed her, got a response back and set up a meet for coffee and discrete sex.

I should have googled her first. She was an escort from Victoria, BC. I could have had all I wanted for $450.00.Then I looked at all of the too good to be true and googled them.

Hit over 100 escorts. Great site LOL


am on there am real n I have heard the Horntmatches is from the guys I ben on dates withmaybe cuz thier looking @ the fake profiles with *** stars pictures n not @ the real women on there


I agree with you on this piont. I had the same thing happen to me.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #99359

Here is what happened to me, I also made the mistake of upgrading membership. After a few weeks of no responses to numerous e-mails sent, I was convinced it was a scam.

So I tried a different angle. I knew that the woman profiles with the *** and model pics along with the cheesy dialoge were all fake, so I targeted the ones that looked at least somewhat real, and e-mailed them with rude, insulting comments, to see if I would get any responses. Well, I DID get some, and they were not too thrilled with me. One girl even replied back six times ripping me a new a-hole .called me every name in the book!

Also what helped me too was, I changed my own profile to seem like just a regular guy not looking to get laid right away (what a lie that was) !! so the ladies would want to read it. Another girl even got so angry with me she had me blocked from cotacting her.

So I suppose there may be a few real ones on there.

Woman might have some success on it, but for the average guy; forget it. I'm still not 100 percent convinced it's real


Hornymatches is 100% fake. The only one getting off is the admin collecting your money.

***. I paid for a gold subscription, within 48 hours my account had vanished. contacted support 6 times for an explanation, got no reply. So I joined up again as a free member to see what these turds were up to.

Searched as a 'woman seeking guy' to check out these '***' chicks that contacted me, and guess what i found? every woman was online!! Yup, 89 online for my search, not one offline. bull%$#t.

Way better luck gettin laid IN a bar than this joint.

Rip off! *** the site site someone!!


yup, it's completely fake.


well,after seen all the bad moments you guys had,im not signing up with those jerks of horneymatches,but i did with xxxblackbook and its a fraud too,dont waste your money if you find that one,we have to be careful with this rips,man do they really think we are that desperate?go to *** horneymatches!!

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