Before you sign up look at the ratio of men to women, there's 40 times more men then women on the site in most states. I created a profile and after getting some winks and action I signed up.

I haven't gotten anything since. I also had a similar thing happen as someone else. I winked at someone and they winked back in two seconds or less but they weren't shown as being on line. I was also put on two ladies hotlists.

I contacted them and never heard back.

I just don't think this site is for real. Don't waste your time!

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #778583

Well, anybody knows there is no "e" in *** so you probably did fall for a trick.


Once you subscribe and paid..... No more winks. no more emails, no more contacts but all of them appear on line and last visit "Today" basically people working for the website are fishing and some others are cought!

Simply put, I met a wonderful man..we talked for a year, then met..had a great time!!!!!We are Best Friends and Lovers:) I too, believe the majority of women are not real, but some are...like me:) Notice i am smiling, He makes me so very Happy (even tho we are both married, I have never ''cheated'' before..my husband is incapable of intercourse due to health reasons, and his spouse is much his senior with no sexual appetite:( Anyway..be safe, use common sense and have Fun:)

Hey, met a couple girls off the site. Had to be patient and sensible but for a little investment is was worth the thrill.

Moved on now but it was fun while it lasted.

Be realistic, dont ask for too much and be grateful for what you get. Also, it may be that there are those who are not attractive to women.


Yes I too was fooled - got a wink right away from 2 (women !!) 1st wrote to me then I responded she wrote again thought I was in luck then she never responded again, 2nd one totally matching my wants - I am STD free and offered to oral her for as long as she wanted just like her ad never responded seriously got *** as *** hoping to meet her and do this. 3rd some totally hot young looked woman looked like a *** claiming to be a student nr where I live and wanted to hook up loved older men (YEAH RIGHT) never responded when I said yeah..

Cruel Cruel Site.... They didnt rebill me or do anything wrong that way but feel totally cheated I may as well spent the money on a regular *** sight and just wanked off.


I used the site a couple of years ago, found several ladies and had a good time. Not all of the interaction was real, I knew that.

I know that no one 4000 miles away was reading my profile, but there were several legitimate people on there. I only once ran across a profile that was a bot trying to lead me to other sites.

I contacted the site and they removed that profile. I have had no problems with the site.


Fake as the day is long, have gotten replies from people send me to other sites like it to sign-up in order to get there info, WHAT TA ***. It's fake as can be, wasted my money.

Have emailed the company, NO REPLIE AT ALL. Watch for replies directing you to other sites, they must be the same people running them as well.


total fake dont use this site


Horneymatches has no female members, only fake photos, plus those men who are sucked in, hoping they will receive a wink after they subscribe.

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