I have to agree with the complaints against hornymatches.com. I am a divorced, good-looking man in my late 30s.

I posted a photo, so women could view me. In 30 days, I must have e-mailed over 100 women ranging in age from 30 to 60. Not once did I get a response. I was baited by the folks at hornymatches with several winks and e-mails once I singed up for free.

Boy, did they get me.

If I had read these complaints before I signed up, I would have saved 90 bucks. I hope my complaint will prevent others from wasting their money

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I fell into the trap. i had a standard account recieved alot of mail and winks.

i set up another account with the same info same pic the only difference was i paid for the second account. my wife set up a standard account. when i messaged her she never recieved it. when she messaged me i never recieved it till i complained.

This site is such a scam wish i did my research first. Thanks for reading this

Newquay, England, United Kingdom #216913

l had the same experience had lots of winks from locals and when l payed l never recieved any winks or responses to mail l sent. however once my subscription expire l recieved all kinds of winks from people l had winked or sent mail to.its a rip off,don't wast your money


Thankyou Anonymous, if I hadn't read this and other messages on this site I would have spent almost 55GBP today. I set up a standard membership on October 25th, no pic, incomplete profile etc.

Within hours I had emails from a local woman claiming to be into older guys - I'm 47, she's 23! I've read the messages again, they were well written with PERFECT punctuation.

Not the kind thing you'd expect from an "insatiable", or "fun-loving" party-girl. I was completely taken in at the time though.

Thanks again all.

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