After become member gold I have sent over50 winks and emails, its shows that only sent 2?. This company sell ***, and photos of body's that are members but when you look some of the members can live in more states then one, they make a lot $ selling adds, I have no hope that they will ever change.

Others fell the same way.going to try for cash back. This is JUST a big SCAM. And bad company, not controlled by much, tell it to all. I see many others have same problem.

When will one get what they pay for, lock them up with each other. And maybe someone well make themfell like that boy friend in jail they need.

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Once a "Fool"Alway's a "Fool".Big Scam.To get "Money".

Boynton Beach, Florida, United States #650033

I have not received even one reply from many of my winks, letters etc. Stay away from this website, save your money and your efforts.

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand #621667

Well .. I want to go against the flo ...

I have been a member for three years ... I have met 2 partners in that time ... Both amazing women who share the same needs as me ... both have become very good friends and the sex was/is excellent ...


It took a while and there is a lot of scammers but the end result for me was most satisfying ... Not a scam at all ....

Walnut Creek, California, United States #600687

Thanks for THIS review site now i know scam glad i didnt upgrade my membership


I just signed up and thought it was ok, because I recognized a few girls that I talked to on other sites. I sent out over 100 emails with my personal email address in it.

No one friggin reply yes or no. Customer service responded way too quickly with what seemed like a pre scripted essy explaining *** about members leaving themselves logged in and taking time to respond..on a Sunday when everyone is basically home?

I'm pissed off I got conned and amazed how they got hold of pics and profiles of people I already knew..Scarey. I wish a group of people like us would shut this *** site down and take legal action.


Glad to see all these reviews. It looks like a real dating web site but after checking reviews from you all I can see that is fake. To all those people who lost their hard earned money, why not file an online complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at ftc.gov and get these crooks shut down.


Used to have an account with them, I am a female, paid for the a month I believe with one pic on my profile.. Guess what I got..

SOmeone that hacked my account, got my credit card info from where I paid for the site, cost me a *** load of money to get out of the account. If I cant meet someone some where local then I'm not going to a site like that..

Better things to do than to waste my time. I know that before I joined, I had several emails and winks, but as soon as I had paid all the emails an winks were gone.I think the site should be blocked from any and everyone


I am a real average woman on the site, woman dont pay but can only send messages to men who do pay, i dont have a picture on there, after the men send a wink i can message them, then we email each other, i have met lots of men who im just friends with, and some who i have actually become friends for sex only ;)


I don't know about y'all but I got actin from this sight. Not a *** load but enough. Well not enough for the monthly costs but it works for me


Do doubt this is a fake website and they did a good job to lure you in but it is truly fake, oh well move on and i lost $40


I to got scammed by this company it sad that people would lie and anything for money and to play with people emotions like that do low so low.so do not join these webs save your money!


The girls are fake. You would be lucky to find a actual horney girl who is just like you and belives that the website is really honest.

But thats one chance in a million. The owners of the site post random pictures of random girls copied and pasted from the internet. They pay girls to send them naked pics of themselves so they can have loads of amunition (pictures) . They hire people to keep in contact with the new members who signed up for free, and they try hard to get them to become gold.

They have automated devices tht are literally ***, becuase I joined and havent posted a picture, and a fake robot profile of a hot chick winked at me and them messeged me saying im cute. These people who own this website will go to the furthest extintt to get your money and scam you. They will keep sending you fake automated messeges, and it might include a email adress from a hotmail recepiant or somthing. Once you email her she will sound like a actual person who wants to party.

But you tell her to send pictures or her number she will give you a link to another website hosted by the same owners of this one. Its fake. If it was a real girl that eager to party she would send you her number and you would text eachother immidiatly. These people will go so far to get your money.

That might go as far as to read our pissed comments, and make modifications based on what we said were indications of there false fake flaws, and try to fix them. Dont be surprised if they have raised enough money actually hire automated girls to talk to you on the phone. This can easily happen. You sign up thinking the website is legit.

Befor you even post a picture you got girls winking at you.(fake) .. You wink at a few girls because thats all you can do untill you pay. They have automated messeges that recieve your wink and write somthin back to you. Once they write one messge, it wont stop.

(All while you have no pic, and a once sentence profile). Finally she gives you an email adress because your not writting her back on the website. ( by the way, she will deffintly try to get you to write her back. She may not flat out tell you to upgrade to gold, but she will say somthing like "you dnt want to party, write me back").

So you email her, and she writes you back. Youz ask for a pic. She writes you back with a link to the owners other website, and says I have my pics and my number on this page.. And let me guess, that page cost money to....

Ok , back to my point about how they might start even going further and having girls call you just so they can keep up with there lie.. So this is were the girl comes in tht they hired. She gave them her number. They gave her 500$ perhapes.

The whole time your talking to the fake girl on the fake email of the fake website. Lets say she gives you a real number. You call or text. And guess who.

Its the chick they hired to act as if it was her all along. So that you can tell your friends, dude this website really works!... And they can rack in more money.

Oh. And did I mention i was automatically skepticall about the website as soon as I created a profile.

So I created another one a day later. And guess what. The same thing happend on both profiles . And and have hou noticed tht a gold member cost the most money, and eeeevvvery meber you browse is gold.

Whats wrong with silver?

It works just as good. FAKE!


I wish I had read Pissed Consumer before joining. Recently joined in order to respond to emails and winks which now appear to be bogus since suddenly no further interest. My advice STAY AWAY save your hard earned money.


I appreciate all of these comments..I was always suspicious when I would sign up to these sites and get all kind of e mails from so called *** women.. I always thought the company was the one that was initiating those fake e mails and now thanks to you guys posting complaints I know for sure and will stay away from theses places..


I appreciate all of these comments..I was always suspicious when I would sign up to these sites and get all kind of e mails from so called *** women.. I always thought the company was the one that was initiating those fake e mails and now thanks to you guys posting complaints I know for sure and will stay away from theses places..

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