All the complaints posted on various websites about ECI come from the same person, Hope Paulk, (although she has used a variety of names to make it appear as there is more than one family with a complaint).

ECI has no contract with Mrs. Paulk. ECI contracted with a host family placement organization (PRM) to place two high school-age students. The agreement was to include a room and two meals per day. PRM placed the students with Mrs. Paulk. Mrs. Paulk required the boys to purchase their own toilet paper, milk, light bulbs, etc. Outside of the two meals per day, Mrs. Paulk would not permit the students to have anything other than water. She only let them do laundry once every ten days.

Mrs. Paulk notified ECI she wanted the first student out of her home by the end of September. She said the other student could stay until November. ECI agreed to move the students, according to her wishes. PRM paid for the first student's rent through September, although he left on September 26. PRM paid for the second student's rent through October. The second student was moved on October 31.

Mrs. Paulk terminated the students' tenancy, but now wants to be paid for their room and board through June 2010. We have both her text messages and e-mails where she asks us to remove the students. Mrs. Paulk has no legal claim and her demands for payment, as she was the one who terminated their tenancy. Mrs. Paulk is free to rent her rooms out to anyone else at this time. Neither ECI nor PRM has any further monetary obligation to her.

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Hope Paulk and her actor son Marcus Paulk are both bullies to the young and less fortunate They are scam con artist out to get anyone they can using multiple aliases


written lease works... and no one under 18 years old.. or you will get burned out of your money most likely as adults have to sign the contract.


this person has been an executive at our company for 10 years.. who ever wrote this is in grave error...


Homestay Rules for the Guest

1. The guest will prepare his/her own toiletries (shampoo, bath soap, tooth brash & tooth paste, bath towel, laundry soap, etc)

2. The guest should keep his/her bedroom, bathroom always clean.

3. The guest will buy own snacks, drinks and other foods which are not included in homestay fee.

4. The guest will not bring visitor without prior permission. (If the guest have a visitor : the guest must escort the visitor whenever he / she is in the hostfamily's house and the guest is responsible for his / her visitor's actions).

5. The guest over night visitor are only acceptable with the concern of the hostfamily. (Overnight visitors of the opposite sex are not permitted).

6. The guest will not smoke in the house.

7. The guest will be responsible for his / her own transportation.

8. The guest and the hostfamily will always respect his / her religious beliefs.

9. The guest will never borrow money from the hostfamily.

10. The guest will pay all his / her international calls or long distance calls. ** Or Use calling card **

11. The guest will not drink liquor under the age of 21 years old and need hostfamily's permission.

12. The guest will follow the hostfamily's house rules. (For example : Laundry is once a week, do not take a shower after 11:00pm, keep down any sound and do not walk around in the house at late night, etc....)

13. During the homestay. The guest is responsible for any damages and repairs to the belongings of the hostfamily.

14. LOST KEYS: It's very important that lost house keys are reported to your hostfamily so that security can be a maintained. (A lock change for a lost, stolen or damaged house key is $50).


So true check with your attorney cause what you wrote is consider defamation and slander.. i will subpeona this site and sue you for false post..

the above post by I guess Janice of ECI, is further false. As I met with Janice from ECI in my home and came up with an agreement.. PRM is only and Agency, ECI is the party.... so the only false reports here is the ones So True posted and ECI, needs to read, www.homestay.com rules, cause JANICE COURY from ECI has a lot to say for a person that never had an agreement...

yea does one protest to much, means must be true.. And so True..

lol you are that which you believe someone else to be...anyone can tell a false report...obvious you dont...grow up and have the courage to show your true self.. peace.


This person has history of using fake names and creating false reports. Be very careful when dealing with this person. Very manipulative and sneaky.

to So True #1371973

Yes hope Paulk is conniving sneaky person we encounter similar harassment from this women pretending to be multiple people calling the company EVERYDAY

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