I rehired Holly to help with a Psychology paper. It was 10 pages and required several scholarly sources and was due within a few days.

Once again she went above and beyond as the paper was perfect and she finished it in record time. I just gave her another essay I have due on American History - the Founding Fathers.

Holly has never let me down - I found her online about 3 months ago and she has been a dream.

I would have been in hot water had I not found her. She is the best - always follows the instructions and delivers on time.

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I find it ironic that you judge me but won't post a real name.

What happened to your honesty?

You gave no clue as to what or hiw I used this report.

Go talk to the mirror before you hand down your venom.


to FayeB - I hope your school and teacher see this posting and flunk your papers. You should not pass these classes until you do your own research and writing.

Why are you cheating??? :(

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