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The City of Durham, in general, as well as the Durham Bulls loves Mexicans. What we see in Durham is a very deliberate and strategic plan to elevate Hispanics while alienating residents of other races.

This is clearly evident with Hispanic Heritage Night which was held recently in June.

In recent years, the Durham Bulls has hosted Hispanic Heritage Night to a group of residents who largely do not contribute to the local economy in the city of Durham or Durham County. In fact, the majority of Hispanics in Durham live in poor apartment complexes in Southeast Durham, work jobs where their wages are paid under the table, and have children who participate in the free lunch program in Durham Public Schools.

Why does the Durham Bulls organization feel the need to celebrate these facts?

I wonder when was the last time the Durham Bulls reached out to the African American community in Southeast Durham? When was the last time the Durham Bulls hosted a day where black students at RN Harris Elementary, Fayetteville Street Elementary, and WG Pearson Elementary could experience a field trip to their stadium or offered reduced tickets to the principals of these schools?

Reason of review: Disparaging treatment.

Preferred solution: Equality.

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