So I got a phone from the hiring staff at Home depot....after the phone call they set me up for an interview at the Oneonta NY store... My interview was on March 30 2012 at 8:30 in the morning...I went in to the interview very excited and had no problems answering the questions that were asked of me...After everything was done Kris the manager of the store told me I was hired and he told me it was for seasonal for the garden center.

Had me sign papers for them to run a background check and drug screen. He had me go into Rodney the HR person so he could set up the appointment for the drug test which happen to fall at 9:30 that same day so after all of the paper work was done; He processed to tell me that the drug screen might take a week to get the results back and then they will call me to set up my schedule and start the hiring paper work… So I waited for a week and a half which happens to be Wednesday April 11, 2012 I called to see what was going on with the hiring process because I haven't heard from them. I spoke with Rodney the HR person and he pulled up my background result and drug test result and told me they came back ok but they hired someone for my position and they have not enough hours for me to be hired, then he says do you want us to hold on to your application because we might need someone on memorial day weekend….first of all what are they going to do throw me right out on the floor for a weekend that is a bit bazar.. So I declined.

The thing is the week of Easter my kids had off from school and we planned a trip for that week, we did not go so I could get the call I was waiting for because they told me they would call me… I had to call them good thing I did cause I would have been waiting around forever...

they have a sign on the window saying now hiring but they aren't ….It all seems a bit bazar to me I signed a background result in thinking I got the job not just so anyone could check into my background…I feel like I was tricked into having my background a personal information given to someone I didn't even know…It is a invasion of privacy to tell someone they have a job and run they back ground check on them and the test come back normal and you don't hire them…as of today 4/12/2012 they still have the sign up now hiring and they have no hours to hire people WTF?

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