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Hilary Alexis Quarrell is a scammer. She poses as a loving parent and uses social media to attack harass and slander.

She is a violent depressed and mentally unstable person. After repeated attempts at mediating with her i was forced to block her and all of her fake online profiles a.k.a Parents Love a.k.a Vernon Brenton a.k.a Pixy Dust etc.. the list goes on.. this crack head lied manipulated and scammed me.

i was following her fake Parents Love profile online and it was nothing but her bf slandering some women and other people, so i got sick of it and when i questioned her she called me all kinds of names and next thing you know i was blocked from her group and she continued posting about me saying I was slandering her and harassing her and that I refused to talk about it! that is BS I WS willing to talk about it but she was putting on a show! Shes fake and totally nuts accusing me and everyone iknow of crazyness. All i asked her was if she was suffering from battered women syndrom!

cause the guy she is with has a lengthy history of violence against women. and Hilary acts like she does whatever he says its disgusting.

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This is Hilary Quarrell, unfortunately my boyfriend of 6 years has a vindictive ex girlfriend Christina Olsen and her friends help her make these ridiculous false reports on anonymous site's and pretences. It is pathetic, it is evil enough she alienates him from his child but to now spam the internet with intent to defame both of us is juvenile and criminal.

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