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Incident = I actually attended a Sales seminar in 2006. I was duped into purchasing 6 \"Licenses\" for Storefront Websites with the promise that money would be easy to generate (not an enormous amount) but money would be generated from a very easy program the company would provide to set up a Website to sell the products that we were most interested in.

What they did not tell us was that to find the Wholesale Suppliers to provide the products we were interested in selling on our Storefront Website were very difficult to find. Most of them hail from China and provide \"knockoff\" products to be sold as genuine at a profit. I recently contacted the company to ask them for help to set up 1 Website (I was fortunate to find 1 \"Wholesale Drop Shipper\") and to even set up the site has proved to be a nightmare. It is far more involved than they presented at their sales seminar.

Has anyone thought of trying to file a \"Class Action Suit\" against Stores On-Line for refund of money t hey basically stole from intelligent yet ignorant people like me? I have recently lost my job and asked if they would purchase back the sites and they said NO. They said that since the \"Licenses\" do not cost the company any money, they would under NO circumstances purchase the Licenses back. I say we find a Lawyer who would interested in at least filing a \"Class Action Suit\" against the Company and let\'s go to work against this highly professional Scam Company?

Damage Resulting = I lost $6000 and requested a refund. I was told that there would never refund the money.

I am strapped for cash now and suggest to file a Class Action Suit against the company?

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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Good luck.

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