We were having some difficulties and refinance through HFC. They were not supposed to have any say about what the appraiser determined However, our loan officer instructed him to come up with a specific amount so that the loan could proceed. The house wasn't worth what she told him to submit.

Any calls to customer service were re-rouuted to India. They were impossible to understand and we didn't like the idea of our personal information floating around a third wworld country.

When our health began to fail, the high interest rate on our mortgage made the payment three times more than we can afford. Efforts to get them to help us; including the involvment of our state attorney general; failed.

They have destroyed us. We can't get qualified for another mortgage or rent that would allow us to move. We have no where to go. Recent requests fell on deaf ears as they said reducing the interest rate was below their cost of doing business. We have could give the property back to them or take our chances with a short sale.

This company really needs an in debth investogation into their business practices.

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