i have worked in the collection industry for 10 years. i am so sick of dead beat debtors whining.

had you been mature and responsible to begin with... you wouldnt be in collections. pathetic! if i didn't pay my bills i would be ashamed.

debtors are sorry lazy *** verbally abusive people. maybe you shouldve paid your cell phine or credit card bill!

the nerve to complain!

get a job, sell somethng, get a second job,tell your wife to get a job, pawn something, cut of your cable and pay your bill.

have you any pride?????????????? prob not

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Elizabethton, Tennessee, United States #45476
Just a Thought, good comment.
I have talked to an IC systems creditor and needless to say she was very polite and nice. I have had them call a year ago and as soon as I picked up phone they went off wasn't even my bill.

They wouldn't tell me anything other then smart off and started screaming about " need to speak to someone that owes a debt."DON'T YOU KNOW WHAT A DEBT IS!!! I was not going to give out my personal information I even redialed the # to no Avail. so, which tells you it was probably a scam.... never would tell me who owed the debt or who they where looking for only kept saying I need to speak to someone that owes a debt.

Which I knew at that time I was not behind on any bill nor turned in for not paying any bill. (And whining:) No, it was not mine. I had always pd mine on time at that time. So, you can't criticise when you have no clue.

Maybe someday you will loose your job or become very ill and have to take expensive med. can't afford them GEE, then what will you do? I for one like to be treated the way I treat others. So, next time you call a debtor remember it maybe you on the other side of that phone line someday.

Or never know could be tomorrow. There are no promises in life.

Yes, I love to hear criticism from someone who not only can't spell the word, but probably doesn't even know the meaning. We won't even go into the lack of capital letters and puctuation in the well thought out lecture of the very experienced collection agent above.

I would like to add my two cents into this conversation. I have read complaints on this site for the last fifteen minutes or so. I have read about rude collection agents, people who think the only reason anyone could be late on a payment is because they are "deadbeats" (sorry to borrow your eloquent description, Mr. Collection Agent). I have read about people who are being harrassed for no reason, people who probably SHOULD be harrassed by these people and so on, and so on. The fact of the matter is, no one can walk in another person's shoes and until you have you should not make assumptions on the type of person they are...or are not. The whole point is...We are all human beings and should be treated as such. Sure, the people behind on their bill SHOULD pay it. But just because they are behind does not mean they should be treated without dignity and respect. On the flip side, just because 12 other collection agents called you today does not give you the right to yell at the 13th one. Number 13 can't help it if their system pops your name on the screen and they give you a call. Politely say, " I have already spoken to someone today and hang up"

If people could be a bit nicer to everyone, everyday...the world might just be a better place to live in.


Nothing quite like a poverty-laden collection rep coming on here to whine about others. If you took the time to try and maybe finish that G.E.D.

you always thought about and maybe enroll in a few community college classes, there is always that chance you could redeem your life (and learn to spell).

Wouldn't be nice to be able to buy a home or a new car and stop living in filthy poverty on $8.50 an hour? Until then, try not to be so bitter, jealous and uneducated.


I'm guessing you've never been on the other side of the collections phone line in your life. You might start getting calls daily, or possibly 3 times a day including weekends, claiming to be some "collections agency" that you've never heard of before.

It's possible that the debt collector was mistaken.

Possibly worse, it could be some scammer trying to get your bank account information in order to steal whatever money you might have.

It's hard to know which fly-by-night collection agency is real, and which is just trying to steal money. The phone tactics used make it even harder to figure out.

"You can't pay the creditor directly" from one rep, followed by "take your account number and check to the creditor before [date]" from another the same day. From the same agency... how exactly is this supposed to help ANYONE pay a debt?

I'm not complaining about debt collectors who tell me how to pay off the debt before it gets worse. I'm complaining about phone monkeys who got special training in rudeness, confusing people, and calling 10x a day claiming slightly different things that may be true.

Be thankful you've never been out of work for any significant period of time.

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