I am an OLD patient .I am not sure ,BUT three or four years agoe. I get your medication here on LOCAL Office at SOUTHFIELD City ,Michigan , I used just two times(for some family reasons) and no more.?!

When I like to use AGAIN,it was "out of EXPIRED DATE.?! I don't used the rest of medication.!! I paid $1 400 AND ....?! I DID CALL SOMEONE there (California) But nothing, " N O T O L E R A N C E ,NOT A HELP.?!

ANOTHER time ,LATER, other DOCTOR ,PROMIS me to send something for $400. I were not ready to buy.?! Now ,where I am ready .....I don't know .....!? I have all SYRINGES ,I have and DISINFECTANT (alcohol ) .!!

WHAT I NEED IS MEDICATION and PLASTIC MODEL (look like syringe ,placing syring for DEEPTH SIZE) !! IF you are agree to send and you have MY Credit Card USED on first time can send(no problem) .!! OTHERWISE Get this information about me : !-My name =Asqeri Malaj ; 16360 Marsha , Livonia ,Michigan , 48154 . My E-mail address : My Telephone # :734 402 7177 .

OR : 734 377 7255. I can not go more here on LOCAL OFFICE .FOR CONTINUE FORWARD ( to fill this order) can contact me by phone ABOVE ,OR by E-mail (above) Asqeri Malaj ph .#:734 402 7177 ,OR : 734 377 7255 .

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