Can you please help me, i am an South African mother looking for my X Husband staying in Tasmania Australia for Maintenance, South africa Maintenance court do not assit in finding his wereabouts, and I can not find any help from nowere, I managed to contact the Consulite for Tasmania Australia Pretoria branch, visas department, but they cant give me any details to his wereabouts. Surely there must be some way either thru homeaffairs, visas or his id nomber that I have, to trace him, but in South Africa and most surtelnly in ou own maintenance court durban they shoed help poeple like me, but they simply dont, and I do not know where to turn to at this stage. Can you please try to assist me or lead me in the direction were I can find help.

Thank you

My email:annalie.botha@ymail.com

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