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I keep getting charges for 84.90 on my credit card and can't cancel it. The web site does not exist and they do not answer the phone.

What do I do??? Please do not be as *** as I am I only trusted because I thought it was endorsed by Oprah. I just want the charges to stop and help prevent other people from getting burned. How long can they keep charging people and scamming the money?

I pry Oprah's people will intervene I don't even care if I get a refund I just want the charges to stop.

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Bunker Hill, West Virginia, United States #11262

Your credit card company can tell you where the charges are coming from and they can indeed stop those charges if you say you did not authorize them. If the person you talk to tells you they can't remove the charges.

However, the problem with this is that these people keep coming back. Here's what they will do. Let's say you put a block on the $84.90.

Once that is refused, then they will come back with a charge a few cents higher/lower which will go through.The absolute best option is to close that credit card and reopen with a different acct #. It will never stop until you do that.

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