.......Three times I have typed a detailed complaint against a company I believe to be a scam & the texts were all lost, therefore unable to post my consumer complaint!! Okay, let's try this ONE MORE TIME!?

: I honestly have doubts that I can write the reccommended words to post this gripe! So here goes it.. on a wing and a prayer ha ha! Whell....

that didn't happen! It would NOT allow me to post this would-be complaint without the recommended 100 words so I will go on to say that this is REALLY PIZZING ME OFF THAT I CANNOT SUCCESSFULLY POST, PARTICULARLY AFTER NO SUCESS IN REGISTERING W/ YOUR CUTE LITTLE CHARACTER OF MY CHOICE AND MY CHOSEN USER NAME AND PASSWORD.. SO THIS IS NOT A GOOD BEGINNING becuz I find myself becoming more livid by the second that I as a pissed consumer cannot post a complaint abt the company that I came here to complain about becuz your site is also *** me off.. Sorry, now you have nearly 200 words!

Hmphff! LOL

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