would they like somebody doing this to them and ? they think they never not gonna get caught?

it wrong immoral it wrong is this caused by an obessive compulsive disoder ? an revenge attack ? or an love of money ? and dont realized the innocent people lifes that hurt behind these acts to full filled thier own self worth .

and happniess while the victim is living with having to reparir the damaged they caused of scaming them out of an dollar. Is it fair to hurt one another when we are susposed to help our nebighbor and love them as are self when many scam of these trying to rob our innoncence of hope for something false but the belief for something better. Now is that fair? to take money and proimes something and never give back what you promise that agreement?

how would it feel ? or you left out before the agreement never met your end !what would be an fair soulution ?

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