My preceding article labeled Part I, proposed the theory that artificial High Retail Prices are floated and published, to test the reaction of such pricing.

The model for such pricing strategy is linked to the pricing on Motor Vehicles, Tires, Designer Brand Clothes, Jewelry, and many other Items, especially in the RETAIL MARKET.

The Practice is, the Retail Price can always be adjusted downward to more realistic and acceptable pricing by the use of mark-downs, rebates,sales,etc.

In the Hearing Aid Industry, Special Discounts are always used to get the Dealers to buy current products, and products to be superceded.

New versions of Hearing Aids, with slight modifications are being introduced on about a 6 month basis, by every manufacturer.

Its called "Churning".

Usually, the only difference in a particular model of the hearing aid, the outer case almost always the same, is an algorithm addition or substraction,usually providing no real benefit in a feature, and usually assigned some colorful term.

The features, are the only difference in the various levels of the Hearing Aids and account for price differences usually in $200 to $500 range.

Such pricing is the only way to justify the differences in the products and a method to provide products for different levels of retail pricing.

As a result so-called "Digital Hearing Aids" are available to Hearing Aid Dispensers (anyone selling Hearing Aids) for prices as low as $200 each.

A Great Problem exists in the Marketing and Selling of Hearing Aids because of such pricing strategy in that the CONSUMER has no idea as to what he is being sold and fitted with and as a result CONSUMERS are paying for CADILLACS AND RECEIVING CHEVROLETS, so to speak.

Its bad enough that any Hearing Aid is retailed at the prices they are, but when somebody receives what the industry labels an entry level Hearing Aid (a term usually associated with Real Estate) but pays for what the industry terms a Premium Product, it is at least a shame.

Remember that the Hearing Aid Retailer, like any other Retailer in America, can charge any price they can get for anything they sell, as long as they provide the Consumer with what they say and more importantly, write, what the product is.

If they provide you with a lesser valued product than what they say or have written, they have sold, you, then we have what is labeled "Criminal Fraud" and can, and should be prosecuted accordingly.

The point of this, and the preceding article, is to provide the Consumer with Sound Advice, on how to go through the process of acquiring a Hearing Aid.

BUYER BEWARE''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

For further information please contact Eugene Mironoff @ (800) 432-7114

Alsip Magistrate

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Tukwila, Washington, United States #684501

thanks, Judge


Dodge Center, Minnesota, United States #22834

If the reader wants "sound advice" without the inaccuracies of the above article, please go to BetterHearing.org. It's a non-profit foundation that provides accurate and up-to-date information about hearing, hearing aids, hearing healthcare.


this idea of "churning"?? - complete bull.

to CSM Tukwila, Washington, United States #684503

Sergei Kochkin works, i believe, for THE INDUSTRY. Siemens, Phonak, oticon and the rest.

honest polling is honorable.

The Old way is like Kodak. Film camera, anyone?


Goliad, Texas, United States #20933

You are exactly right about paying for one thing and getting another, anyone trying to defraud their patient should be shot.

However you are completely talkin out of your butt about the industry churing out new products every 6 months only minor algorythm changes. New products are released perhaps on a yearly basis or longer. Algorythm changes are usually updated to the firmware on the hearing aid via an "open Platfrom" at no charge. A new product is just that a "NEW PRODUCT", it has features that are different, differnet number of channels, noise reduction, microphones, recievers, chips etc...

my advice is stick with what you know and dont cofuse people by making demons out of everone in the industry. Those Audiologists and a few of the Hearing Instument Specialists who chose this as a career are working to make a living, and almost none are getting rich doing it.

to Nate Tukwila, Washington, United States #684508

nate, you are SO wrong!

e lovejoy, ph.d

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