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This is an addendum to the previous article on the subject matter: Why Not To Buy A Private Label Branded Hearing Aid.

The saga of an 87 year old Great Grandmonth. A Wonderful Lady, who copes with her hearing deficit with a very positive attitude.

Without the use of a perfectly functioning hearing aid, this Person is almost totally deaf.

As it is, She only has the use of her left ear because her right ear has a physical deformity, even though she had equal hearing levels in both ears. If she ever loses the remaining hearing in her left ear, there is always the possibility that surgery could be performed on her right ear which would then permit the insertion of an earmold of some type. She might also be a patient for an implant or some other alternative device, which is not warranted at this time, since she seems to function quite well with just one perfectly functioning hearing aid in her left ear.

So the future for Her is not bleak.

One correction for the previous article is that the Daughter of the Great Grandmother called the Dispensing Office in Aberdeen, Washington, not the Hearing Aid User, who for the most part cannot hear through the use of a standard telephone.

Any Hearing Aid Office could have replaced the Earmold Tubing which had separated from the Earmold.

The Hearing Aid could then have been re-attached to the new tubing, and since the Hearing Aid was working, the Lady would have had her assistive hearing restored. The functions,features,and programs, of the Hearing Aid were not altered by anyone, including me.

I believe the Earmold Tubing broke and separated from the Earmold because it had never been changed or replaced for a very long time, if at all.

Tubing on Custom Made Ear Molds should probably be changed and replaced about every six months, depending upon the Individual and the Climate. The Plastic Material becomes very brittle and hard, and conducive to cracking,leaking,and, breaking.

The Replacent of such tubing is usually accomplished on a no-charge basis as a good will gesture.

The Daughter of the Hearing Aid User, had no idea when she contacted my Office, that I am a REXTON Hearing Aid Dealer, and more importantly, no one had any idea that the Hearing Aid the Great Grandmother actually owned and used was actually a REXTON Hearing Aid, Model Regatta,BTE.

The reason they lucked out in contacting my office is because being a REXTON Dealer, we have the computer software necessary to the programming of the Hearing Aid.

Any other Hearing Aid Dealer, at least those who do not distribute REXTON products, would not have been able to identify the Hearing Aid as to who actually manufactured it, nor would they have had the computer software or the training to program the hearing aid.

They would however have been able to replace the tubing, which I am sure they would have done. At least the Great Grandmother would have had her hearing ability restored.

Since I am a REXTON Dealer, and do have the computer software,training,and experience, I was able to change the programming in the Hearing Aid (after performing a free hearing test) which resulted in the best performance of the Hearing Aid Amplification for the User's Hearing Requirement.

For some reason, perhaps lack of knowledge or experience, the existing program and amplification settings, were not, in my opinion, set for the best performance of the Hearing Aid for this particular Hearing Aid User and her preferences and needs.

When everything was finished, the Great Grandmother stated that she was now hearing better with her Hearing Aid than she ever had before.

She expressed her luck in finding our Office as some type of a Miracle. I asked her not to use the word Miracle.

I also recommended that She not waste her money on having her old Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Repaired since , at least in my opinion, She will never receive the power she needs from a Custom Made Product of any Manufacture.

Behind the Ear model Hearing Aids provide the most power and gain, primarily because there is more room available, because of the physical size of the Instrument for stronger,larger,more powerful,Components.

The primary reason this User visited a Miracle-Ear Office first, was because, She did not know who really made Her most current Hearing Aid, and She did know that She also had a Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid, even if it didn't work, and She doesn't like Miracle-Ear because of prior bad experiences, She felt She at least could related to, and identify with, the Miracle-Ear Name.

She was probably lucky the Office was un-staffed at the time of her visit.

This Wonderful,Sweet,Elderly Lady, paid close to $2,500 for a Hearing Aid that when it was a Current Product we sold for less than $1300 Dollars.

The primary reason for not having the legitimate Brand Name of REXTON on the Hearing Aid was probably so any PROSPECT could not compare prices by Brand Name. Apple compared to Apple.

What I also find disgusting is, that the Dispensing Office only provided a 1 Year Warranty.

All the REXTON Hearing Aids we sell are provided AT LEAST A 2 YEAR WARRANTY.

This whole episode and experience makes me kind of sad.

All I can say is: BUYER BEWARE

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Gibsonburg, Ohio, United States #63311

I agree that private label hearing aids are misleading and a bad practice.

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