There is excitment in the air.

I am surprised the Hearing Aid Companies are not participating in the Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The introduction of new models of Hearing Aids is creating the same buzz as the introduction of new model Cars.

All the Manufactures are introducing their new models (and pricing) in the first few months of this year.

The Introductions are a combination on the training of the new software necessary to the programming and servicing of the new products and are usually introduced with special promotion pricing packages.

Its Huckster time all over again.

The bottom line is that its all geared to sell more product, and especially that of the Manufacturer promoting the Seminar.

I am looking forward to the hype.

There is always a special sales promotion on purchasing a quantity of the products for inventory.

I sometimes wish I was selling watches, or rather Jewelry, as watches are now called, because of the pricing.

In any event keep tuned.

We will report our findings in the most candid and honest way we can.

Buyer beware.

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