My Best Friend called me this morning,at an early hour,especially for a Sunday, and invited me for Breakfast at Jerry's Deli in Costa Mesa,Ca.which is a very popular Restaurant in the typical Jewish Menu.

Although neither Him or I, are Jewish, we both either lived or worked in New York City, for years, and have worked in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry, which is either dominated or at least heavily influenced by Jewish People.

He was once even married to a Jewish Woman and even lived with his Jewish Inlaws.

My best Customers, when I was a District Sales Manager for at least most of the State of New York,including of course the 5 boroughs,were Jewish Owners.

In at least my opinion, one of the Characteristics of Jewish People is that they enjoy good food,know where to find it, and are willing to pay for it.

The Price for a Fish Breakfast, is always overpriced,as is the price of a Corned Beef or Pastrami Sandwich.

Even the Kosher Dills are priced high, but always delicious.

A Good life, must include Good Food.

My Friend, since he invited me, and insisted on the large Fish Breakfast, which he knew we couldn't finish and he wanted to take home the remains, paid the bill which was close to $60.00 dollars.

I left the tip, which he insisted shouldn't be more than $5.00 because "She wasn't that good".

The name of the Waitress was Joanna,or some variation of the name,and I asked her if she had ever heard Tony Bennet sing the song, When Johanna Love Me, she didn't even know who Tony Bennet is.

If I have the time, I'll find a disc,copy it, and give it to this Waitress, at a later time.

After Breakfast we went to my closed office,where I opened it and administered a standard hearing test, with an audiometer, to my best friend.

I have subjected him to many Hearing Loss Tests over the past 24 years.

His hearing loss has gotten progressively worse, for some unknown reason, and for some unknown reason, I don't care why, since in at my opinion, it really doesn't make any difference as to why he hearing thresholds have diminished.

He is 73 years young.

He served in the Combat Zones of Korea as an Infrantry Rifleman.

He has a flat loss of about 55 Dbs.

As is normal, he has the same loss in both ears, within 5 Dbs.

We have mutual Friends who have complained to me about this guy's hearing, but since, because of geographical distances, we really don't see each other too often, or as often as we should, I was really not aware of how much of a hearing loss he suffered from, or at least his Friends and Family, suffered from.

And this is my Best Friend.

After spending a couple of days with him, in the last month, I realized the extent of his loss, and the problems it was creating, not only for him, but his Family and Friends.

Although this Guy, has a part-time job driving NBC Key Personnel around, in an NBC Van, picking them up and driving them someplace, usually home, for the most part, he is retired.

He does not really have much of a social life, outside of Family, of which I am not a part of, so he really does not have any great demands to understand the spoken word correctly.

In other words, his living, and existence, is not dependent upon his ability to hear speech as it is spoken.

When I asked him if he really wanted to spend the money for new hearing aids, at my cost, as opposed to Free used hearing aids, he repsonded by saying that didn't I think he deserved the best?

You have to understand, that this Guy was getting the latest Hearing Aids for under $1,000.00 dollars.

After I fit him with his new SIEMENS BTE 100% Digital Hearing Aids, with 16 Channels, and 4 Programs, the results were amazing.

I happen to think that whatever I had fit him with, including older analog BTE hearing aids, the results would have been remarkable.

This Guy needed Hearing Aids. Any Hearing Aids.

The Hearing Aids I fit him with, provided the latest technology available, which was really more than he needed, or anyone else needs, especially if there is a Price Penalty.

The so-called Technology of the newest Hearing Aids is provided and available, primarily for the purpose of charging more for obtaining hearing aids.

The sad part is,that because of Greed, and the obession of making Money, variations and options, available in Hearing Aid Selection, are provided to generate higher prices and profits.

Never the less, after I fit my Best Friend, with Hearing Aids, the results were amazing.

The difference in our conversation were remarkable.

The sad part is, that there must be thousands of People being denied the benefit of Hearing Aids because of Cost.

At some time in the future, Some one, Some where,Some place,will offer a product, at a reasonable price, where the average Person in need of Hearing Help, will be able to obtain Hearing Aids at a resonable price.

Until then, all I can say is:

Buyer Beware

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