The best analogy I can think of regarding the agressive pricing and selection of recommended Hearing Aids for a User, is that of Religious Missionaries.

The Mormons and the Witnesses are shy and subtle compared to those in the Hearing Aid Industry.

The opportunity of a sale must be thought of as a one time possibility (and more often than not, because of the average age of People buying hearing aids, they don't live long enough to need a second set) because the Goal seems to be: Go For The Throat' and of course both ears.

While there are different levels of product available, the typical mentality is that every Prospect should be convinced that they need (by any means possible) the highest priced set of Hearing Aids.

The worst offense of course, is when the least expensive model is sold at the highest price obtainable.

The Consumer is not as aware of the Pricing of Hearing Aids as they are the Price of Gas, Bread,or Milk, so that when they hear their Neighbors or Friends have paid $5,000, $6,000, or $7,000 for a set of Hearing Aids, they assume that is what they cost, and they either buy them or they don't.

They have no idea what constitutes the Pricing Of Hearing Aids, and neither do the People Selling Them.

The Pricing is basically established on the Principle of "Whatever the Traffic Will Bear".

Less Ethical Hearing Aid Dispensers will provide the Least Expensive Product and Charge the Most They Can, since they Rationalize it is their Superior Education, Knowledge, Title, and Experience, that really established the Price, Except that they are afraid to make those claims.

The only Costs usually discussed is the COST OF THE HEARING AID.

If you have one chance to sell a set of Hearing Aids, the Theory is: Go For The Most You Can Get.

They aren't coming back.

Strike while the Iron is Hot.

The Hearing Aid Industry is going through a "Feeding Frenzy".

What is interesting is that Behind-The-Ear Model Hearing Aids now make up over 52% of the total sales.

Since they are mass produced, and manufactured in Third World Countries as assembled units, where the Labor Costs are Pennies on the Dollar, compared to the United States, or Europe, the Wholesale Costs of Hearing Aids are as much as 10 times higher than they were just 5 years ago.when in fact, because of the fact they are now manufactured off-shorte, at very,very,low labor costs, and because they are now mass produced instead of being Custom Made, which is a much more expensive manufacturing process. INSTEAD OF THE HEARING AIDS BEING MORE EXPENSIVE, THEY SHOULD EITHER BE LESS EXPENSIVE, OR AT LEAST CLOSER TO THE PRICE THEY USED TO BE.

The Fact that they are now Digital should have, and probably has, reduced Manufacturing Cost, and Certainly Customer Service Costs, because now there are very few returns because of Customer Intolerance.

The Primary Reason Hearing Aids are being sold at much higher prices than ever, is because the Public is Accepting the Higher Prices.

For Reasons, I can't explain, the Public is buying and accepting the Higher Price Mentality.

I think its because of the People Now Engaged In The Sale Of Hearing Aids.

Medical Facilities,including Hospitals and Universities, and Medical Doctors, including Ear Specialists.

The Primary Reason these People are now selling Hearing Aids is because of the Tremendous Profit Potential, and the Fact they are easier to dispense and fit now, because of Digital Signal Processing THAN EVER.


Hearing Aids today, are more tolerable, and more effective, in more evnironments and situations.

Regardless of those Facts, instead of Hearing Aids Costing Less, they are Actually being accepted at much higher, yes, much higher , prices than ever.

Prospective users and buyers of Hearing Aids should shop around for the Best Price, Best Policies,Best Products, and the Most Experienced Hearing Aid Dispensers, with the highest levels of Honesty and Integrity, and not those that have an inflated impression of themself, and what they do.

Buyer Beware

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