Why would and Independent Hearing Aid Dispenser, or any other privately owned business owner, choose to identify with a specific brand of hearing aid, and legally obligate themselves to do so?

What are the advantages to the Dealer and what if any, are the disadvantages?

What are the Advantages, if any, to the Consumer?

The Advantages to the Consumer, as far as I am aware, and I invite such Dealers to enter this debate,are NONE. May I repeat: THERE ARE NO ADVANTAGES TO THE CONSUMER TO BUY A PRIVATE LABEL OR RESTRICTED BRAND, OR A FRANCHISHED BRAND OF HEARING AID.


The disadvantages are,that the hearing aid has to be returned to only the Dealer that sold the hearing aid or someone of the same ilk.

Such Dealers can create any policy they want, charge any price they want, adopt any procedure they want, without any consideration of Competition.They can charge whatever they want to replace the Hearing Aid under the Loss & Damage Provision of the Hearing Aid Warranty. They can charge whatever they want to repair their Hearing Aids, because no Independent Hearing Aid Office can compete, since the Software to adjust the Hearing Aids after repair, is not available to Independent Hearing Aid Offices from the Private Brand or Private Label or Franchised Hearing Aid Offices, such as Miracle-Ear,Beltone,NuEar,Audibel,SONUS,or HearX.

Without Competition, the Consumer is at the mercy of the privledged Dispensers, and historically, they have shown no mercry.

The only reason they participate in Restricted or Private Label Products Distribution, is the elimination of Competition.

The elimination of Competition is the worst case scenario for any industry and any product. It provides and opportunity for corruption and dishonesty. It encourages greed and dishonesty.

No one should support or encourage the elimination of competition in the Free-Market

The Free-Market, is what distinguishes America from every other Country in the World, and I would invite everyone to compare the economics of all the Countries in the World to the Economy of the United States.

Buyer Beware.

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thanx for all comment and all


plr article marketing


I am a private practice that is not beholden to any one hearing aid manufacturer giving the consumer a wide choice of options. There are “private labels” out there in the hearing aid market that make it difficult for a patient to do an apple to apples comparison of features and pricing.

PLR Private Label Rights

Center Hill, Florida, United States #54045

I can't quite understand what you have written, but if what you are saying is that Americans are incapable of thinking, than either you are wrong, or we are in great trouble.

Our cultural side of this world is not based on chicanery, deception,and ,fraud.

That is what distinguishes us from most of the world.

Thank God.


The previous post is a great example of why a free market will never work. It relies on informed consumers, and clearly people can think they at the same time they are informed when they aren't, and are proud of it.

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