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This morning I had another enjoyable experience, in that I met a Hearing Aid Dispenser employed by a Company called Harris Quest, that is selling hearing aids in California under the Name and License called Praudigy Hearing Clinics.

The name is derived, as was explained to me, from the three letters: AUD such as in Audiology,Audio, etc. There is now a Educational Degree or Certificate labeled AUD as in PHD.

When I was first exposed to the name Praudigy all I could think of was the Political Campaign of an Organization named: Move On .com, a left wing ultra liberal organization, I believe funded by the Billionair George Soros.

They took out full page ads in all the major newspapers throughout the United States disparaging General Patreius, the Commander in Charge of the United States Military in Iraq and Afganistan, the day before he was to address and respond to the Congress of the United States regarding our activities in the Middle East.

Their Advertisement said: General Patreius...don't Betray Us.

A play on his name.

What they actually did, and it back-fired on them in Public Opinion and Public Relations, was to insult the Integrity of a General of the United States Army, as though he would lie to the American People.

This Man has the respect of all American Citizens, and such an attack on his Integrity offended almost everyone.,

The Ultra Liberal Attack failed...terribly.

That is why I am not going to suggest the association of the word Fraudigy with Praudigy. I think it would be in bad taste, to say the least.

Evidently, Praudigy Hearing Clinics, has established some type of business relationship with CVS Drug Stores.

I think this concept is great, in that the more competition in the Hearing Aid Business, the Better for the Consumer.

When everybody assumes, that every aspect of Hearing Aid Sales has been covered, along comes Praudigy.

Another Alternative.

Competition keeps everyone honest, and on their toes, so to speak.

The Hearing Aid Dispenser, working at the Fountain Valley location for the CVS Drug Store, is a very competent and long time Dispenser.

The Hearing Test administered was very thorough, and her attitude and demeanor was very positive and professional.

She was not pretentious or artificial, and recommended what she thought was appropriate for my hearing loss and pocket-book.

I would not hesitate buy hearing aids from Praudigy Hearing Clinics.

For further information call Eugenia Mironoff @ 800.432.7114 or email: dat35@verizon.net

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Arhus, Arhus, Denmark #44103

Praudigy Hearing clinics ripped us off. They never returned our refund.

They told us for months its in process.

It's going on 5 months now ans its impossible to get a hold of them and they don't return calls. People that play nice and then rip off the disabled are *** in my book.

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