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A long time Client, a lovely very independent Widow,at age 95 is as astute and sharp as any 65 year old I know, who lives by herself, drives by herself, cleans her own home by herself, cooks for herself and any Guests, which we have had the pleasure of being, reads paperback romance and mystery novels by the stack, and also plays bridge once a week, told us that she wasn't hearing the way she thought she should, and wanted new Hearing Aids.

Regardless of all of the above, she is a strong-willed opinionated Woman.

Very stubborn, and very demanding.

We treat this Woman as though she is a Family Member, perhaps even our Mother.

Never the less, she can be very, very, trying on our patience and nerves.

Her late, very late, Husband's former employer, provides very good hearing aid benefits for this Widow, that results in this User having no cost, other than her time, which I admit is presumably very limited and precious.

After Her new Hearing Aids were ordered,in fact that same day, she must have called twice with questions.

During the next week that it took her new Custom Made Hearing Aids to arrive, she called about 10 times.

She has the effect of making my Receptionist, who also adores her, a nervous wreck.

Finally, the Day of Reckoning arrived.

Fitting Time.

The new Hearing Aids were programmed to her current hearing levels.

We fit her with high level PHONAK Hearing Aids, not those made in the back of the shop, or in Florida, Mexico, or China.

With the PHONAK Label, she can travel anywhere in the World, except Heaven, where at her age, she can be very close to moving to, and she can even visit about 6 other Hearing Aid Offices within 6 miles from her Home that represent PHONAK, is she tires of our efforts,services,and responses.

One would only hope.

We spent over 2 very difficult hours during her initial fitting.

She was not happy. Then she was happy.

The new Hearing Aids were not as good as her existing Hearing Aid.

Then the new Hearing Aids were better.

Her Voice didn't sound right as she spoke. It sounded better with her existing hearing aids.

Then her Voice sounded about the same with either set of Aids.

The new Hearing Aids were larger than her existing Hearing Aids.

Then they were about the same size.

She wanted more Power.

Then they were too loud.

She wanted reassurance that the New Hearing Aids had reserve Power.

She called the next morning and said the Hearing Aids weren't working because she could hear a clock in her house, as she could with her old Hearing Aids.

I will probably have to bring her Clock to my office for the follow-up fitting.

It will go on and on.

We have submitted the Paperwork to the Provider for Payment.

She is worried about being able to return the Hearing Aids and try different ones in the event she is not happy.

She can't sleep nights because she is so worried.

The Hearing Aids are FREE to her.

Thank God.

I can not imagine what it would be like if she had to pay anything, muchless the full amount.

Life goes on.

I am confident she will keep the FREE Hearing Aids, after 10 or 15 more visits.

Now she is worried that California won't renew her Drivers License.

One could only hope.

Much to my chagrin I am confident the State will extend her license.

She told me she only has to take the written exam.

In the end, I know she will invite us to her home for lunch again.

She is eligible again for new hearing aids in 2 years.

Hopefully by that time she will hate, not love, her existing Hearing Aids.

She will be 97 and still feisty.

The trials and tribulations of a Hearing Aid Dispenser.

Life is good.

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This story is hilarious - my mom is a pretty opinionated 86 year old. We tried a hearing aid two years ago for her - it was a Seimens fitted in the ear type and was really too small for her arthritic hands to handle (we loved it, she could actually hear us without yelling.) The squelching drove her nuts, the batteries constantly needed changing, and the whole episode turned her off - we ended up returning them, to my chagrin. Fortunately, money isn't a big issue for her, but being the tightwad she is, I think it bugged her. Your articles are going to help me explain to her why the cost is high.

I've talked her into trying again - I'm hoping a behind the ear type might be easier for her to place. I guess we'll have to see. Her hands and fingers have extremely limited dexterity, and she's legally blind, so the hearing aid has to be easy to use, easy to place, easy in every way, and have long battery life, and/or rechargable batteries. No squelching. If it's big, that's ok.

Easy. That's the ticket for her.

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