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A basic fundamental in sales and marketing, and manufacturing, is that you should create a product, and a variation of that product, to serve and satisfy the variety of consumers.

Someone, evidently a long time ago, realized that there are different strokes for different folks.

The basic step in creating any product or service, is to evaluate the prospects for the products and services, and realize that the potential for the product and services are as different as anything else that exists.

Anything, or resoure, or product, that is limited or restricted in its availability, in other words, its scarcity, usually results in commanding a higher price for such product or services.

In economics, and the free market, its called Supply and Demand.

What that means is that if their is a shortage of anything, either product or service, and there is a Demand, either great or small, such influences will determine the price of either the product or service.

The growth and existence of the United States and its Free Market Philosophy, is the best example of the consequences of such a Practice.

Thats why we won over the Soviet Union (Communisim) and every other Country.

Reduced to its most shallow term, it is called the Tolerance and Promotion of Individual Greed and Reward.

The Greatest Incentive ever created. Allowing the Greedy to exist and develope. The rest of us automatically benefit because the Greedy can't do it alone, Whatever it is they are trying to accomplish to enhance their Greed.

Greed is the greatest motivation that exists.

The desire to make more money on every Hearing Aid made, is the reason for the variety of the products offered.

Everyone in the Hearing Aid Industry realizes that there are only a certain amount of hearing aids that are going to be purchased.

A Hearing Aid, almost without exception, is purchased on the basis of Individual Need. Or at least, that is the way a Hearing Aid should be purchased.

There may be instances when a Hearing Aid Dispenser, and that includes Medical Doctors, Audiologist, and anyone else selling Hearing Aids, is clever enough, (primarily for profit motives - you make more money when you sell 2 than 1 and the more expensive the model the more money you make) to convince a Prospect that they need the most expensive hearing aid available.

Thats like saying that everyone that needs a Truck, needs a 5 Ton Dump Truck. Its just coincidental that a 5 Ton Dump Truck is the most expensive Truck available, and obviously provides the most profit to the Seller of such a Truck.

The Option of additional Programs in a Digital Hearing Aid means that the Hearing Aid User has the Option of actually having several different Hearing Aids in the same shell.

At the present time, there are hundreds of adjustments that can be made by a Hearing Aid Dispenser to the electronic performance of each Hearing Aid which are supposed to reflect in a different reaction and sound differential to the Hearing Aid User.

Very often, such minor adjustments cannot be recognized by the Hearing Aid User, which in my opinion means such adjustments are meaningless and useless.

The various adjustments, sold as programs, are usually available depending upon the price of the Hearing Aid.

The most common number of Programs available is 3 different Programs.

The Entry Level Hearing Aids (Less Expensive) usually have 2 different Programs.

The Programs are usually activitate or changed by a Momentary Switch or Button, or by a Remote Control such as a Watch.

To my knowledge there is no reason why there couldn't be 40 or 50 Programs (Different Responses) but what purpose would such a variety be if the User couldn't tell the difference.

The Vast Majority of Hearing Aid Users, being Senior Citizens, whether the Marketing People like it or not, do not like, or appreciate, Complications.

In fact most People, of any age, appreciate Simplicity.

The Primary Reason for Complexity if Price and Profit Justification. Not Customer Satisfaction.

The reason more Programs are not provided, is because most Hearing Aid Users only use 2 Programs.Even when they have 3 or 4 available.

Its too complicated, not beneficial, not recognized, and actually is more confusing.

When Hearing Aid Manufacturers realize what their Market is, and stop Day Dreaming, as to what they would like it to be, the more effective they will serve the Hearing Impaired.

A Hearing Aid User should buy, and be sold, a Hearing Aid, based on their Specific Needs.

Not the needs of the Person selling the Hearing Aid, whatever their Title is.

The Purpose of a Hearing Aid is to provide a means of understanding the Spoken Word correctly.

Anything else is a bonus.

Digital Signal Processing has provided a method of making a Hearing Aid More Tolerable, More Effective, In More Environments.

It performs best in a Quiet Environment in a One on One Conversation.

Any thing else is a Bonus.

Anyone, selling a Hearing Aid on any other Premise, is either Ignorant, Inexperienced, or Greedy.

Buyer Beware.

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I could'nt find any info on the return policy so that was the deciding factor NOT to order this .

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