Like any Product or Service where exorbitant prices are charged, someone comes along to take advantage of the opportunity to make millions of dollars and destroy the monopolistic and exploitative practices.This is the future of the hearing aid industry.
With the introduction to what are called "Open Fit" hearing aids, the latest rage, and universal type ear molds, which don't require custom impressions and custom earmolds, and the existence of remote control devices, to not only raise and lower the volume level, but are use to change the programs of the hearing aid, which in effect provides a different hearing aid within the same case, it is possible and predicted, that hearing aids, with up to 20 different programs, which in essence is the same as providing 20 different frequency curves and different level outputs,could be sold in combination, over the counter in either Drug Stores such as CVS or Walgreens. Or could be made available in Electronic Stores such as BEST-BUY or Circuit City.
The hearing aid User would even need a hearing test.
They could just the program that provided the best hearing for them in different situations and environments, and then adjust the volume level to their own preference.
Such Hearing Aids could be manufactured in Low Cost Countries, such as China, where the majority of similar type products are already being made.
Such products could be sold for $200 to $300 dollars retail and probably provide a profit margin of over 80%.
It is not inconceivable that someone like Apple Comuters, MicroSoft, or some cell phone Manufacturer, could offer such a device in the near future.
When that occurs it will change the Hearing Aid Industry and be responsible for a tremendous drop in existing hearing aid prices.
Fitting hearing aids is not rocket science and is very conducive to the above observation.
Keep your eyes open , and also your ears.
Consumers will demand such a product, and where there is a demand, someone all fills it.

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