A Spanish sounding woman called a hearing aid office where her Dad had purchased his hearing aid.
Her Father was very insistent that she only go to that office. She said her Dad needed another Hearing Aid and He insisted that it had to exactly like the one he had, that no longer worked, because he was so happy with it.
The Dispenser assured the Daughter that he either had, or had access to, the exact hearing aid.
The Hearing Aid described over the phone, was about a 20 year old behind-the-ear hearing aid. One classified in the Industry, as a Power Aid.

When the Daughter brought the Aid to the Office, the Earmold was still attached, and when the Dispenser held the entire assembled unit (hearing aid and earmold) to his ear, he could hear a slight squeal.

The Daughter of course, had no idea of what they meant but the Dispenser did. It meant that the Hearing Aid was probably still working okay, but that the tubing from the hearing aid ear hook through the earmold, was obstructed by something, usually earwax.

When the tubing was detached from the Hearing Aid, the Hearing Aid squealed like a Pig.

The Dispenser listened to the Hearing Aid through a specifically designed device, utilizing his own ear, and the Hearing Aid Sounded fine.

The Dispenser replaced the tubing, using the old tubing as a measuring standard for cutting the new tubing to the proper length (the correct length is very important, primarily for comfort and retention issues) and the so called malfunctioning or Dead Aid was ready to go.

The Dispenser did not charge for replacing the tubing or the so-called repair of the hearing aid, which I am sure made the User, in the hospital, very happy.

The Daughter did not have to buy another hearing aid.

The Dispenser even gave the Daughter a couple of packages of hearing aid batteries as a gift for her Father.

The Dispenser could have easily sold another hearing aid, charged for a repair, or in other ways have taken advantage of this situation.

He never does, never will.

Its the way one Human reacts to another Human, in a difficult situation. Its called integrity.

The imagined and anticipated joy of the Old Man In The Hospital, at the good news, and the good experience of his Daughter, was the only compensation this Dispenser needed.

Would this experience have occured at very many other Hearing Aid Offices? I doubt it.

Would it have occured at a Beltone,Miracle-Ear,Nu-Ear, Audibel,Sonus,or HearX Office. Never

This would probably be a common experience in a small town, in a hearing aid office owned by an Independent Hearing Aid Dispenser, that knows that Honest Is The Best Policy, and is also good business.

When the existing Hearing Aid User, His Daughter, or any of their Friends,Neighbors,Acquaintances,or Family Members, ever need hearing aids, where do you think they will go or recommend?

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