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A man named Sol Price, who evidently wore Hearing Aids, had a Provider, I think named Jack, who mutually thought it would be a great idea, to put The Price Club in the Hearing Aid Dispensing Business.

In my opinion, I think that was a great decision, and to the benefit of the Hearing Impaired Population, at least in the geographical area served by the Price Club.

The reason I say that, even though I am more affected by COSTCO being in the Hearing Aid Business than a lot of other Hearing Aid Businesses, in that I am in more direct competition than the others, because we compete for Prospects and Clients, that pay for their Hearing Aidsl.

We are not like HearX, that is fed Hearing Aid Prospects by KAISER, that owns either 40% or 50% of HearX in exchange for providing audiology services no charge to Kaiser.

We have no contracts, like Newport Audiology, with any HMO'S that feed Hearing Aid Prospects to us in exchange for free Audiology Services.

Our Husband or Wife is not an ENT that feeds us Hearing Aid Prospects.

We are not like Miracle-Ear, that is fed Prospects by being associated with SEARS.

We are not owned or affiliated with SONUS,BELTONE,AUDIBEL,NU-EAR,or any other Group that feeds us Hearing Aid Prospects.

We are just a small individual independently owned Hearing Aid Office, with 24 years of experience in providing alternatives to buying New Hearing Aids and provide Services and Options, not offered by anyone else.

Our basis premise is that we do what is to the best interest to our Clients, at the most competitive prices.

Very simply put, its the old fashioned way of doing business.

Its called INTEGRITY.

We are in it for the long run, or long haul. Not the short run.

We intend to be in business, long after the fast-buck artists are gone.

For further information call: Eugenia Mironoff @ 800.432.7114 or email: dat35@verizon.net

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