Two experiences today, that I think are worth sharing.

Having been a Salesman for the past 60 years, and having been a Sales Manager, with a Sales Force,on commission, consisting of at least 39 People, and having sold and managed at every level throughout the United States, at the retail,wholesale,and manufacturing level, and having owned a Manufacturing Business, you would think a Guy would be pretty much qualified and experienced to handle any situation that might arise in the selling of Hearing Aids.

Maybe its Human Nature, that is responsible for being continually surprised.

For example, today, a Prospect called, leaving only his first name, on the answering machine, whereby he wanted some pricing information on a set of Siemens Hearing Aids.

I returned his call and spent about 30 minutes with him on the phone, discussing the Hearing Aid Industry,policies,practices,and products.

When I explained what I considered what was very valuable information and advice, he suggested that perhaps I was only being so candid as a technique,reverse psychology.

In other words, when I was totally truthful and honest, he became suspect.

In the Hearing Aid Industry, whether its because it is taught at Seminars, either formally or informally, all those engaged in the Hearing Aid Business are taught and trained never to give any specific information, especially regarding pricing, and use every procedure and technique possible, to get the Prospect to come into the Office.

My philosophy is to tell the Prospect the facts of life, regarding the Hearing Aid Business,etc, and let the chips fall where they may.

I talk on the phone as though it is being recorded for a 60 Minutes TV Show, and I would be proud if it was.

When you tell People the Truth, either they believe you or they don't, and if they don't, then don't waste your time.

Some People either don't recognize the Truth, or really don't want to hear it.In any event, they seem very skeptical.

As Jack Nickelson said"You can't stand the Truth".

The Prospect said he would call and schedule an appointment for an interview. We'll see.

The other interesting experience today, was when a long time Client, visited the Office, without an appointment, just taking a chance I would be available, and told me that he received some literature about a new product from PHONAK and they listed me as the Provider for Huntington Beach,Ca.

This Client is under age 50 and has been wearing one or two hearing aids for years.

He is a very active Guy and earns a living in some type of Sales Activities.

His Wife is an Attorney.

When he approached me about the new product, He was disappointed that I didn't reflect more positive feelings toward the product.

When I suggested that I thought it may not work for Him, he seemed very disappointed.

I administered a Hearing Test for him, and explained where He fit in with the product.

What I was surprised at, after taking care of this Guy"s hearing needs for over 15 years, that he didn't seem to know how I felt about the Hearing Aid Industry and Business.

What I finally told him was, that he was the only one that could tell whether the new Product would work for him, and be worth the investment.

I had to repeat to him, that I don't live to sell new Hearing Aids.

What I do if fill the needs of the People who suffer from a Hearing Loss.

Every Person is different.

Every Person has different needs, regardless of what the Hearing Test shows.

I agreed to let him try all the new Products available, and let him be the Judge.

I am willing to dedicate the time and effort to do what is to his best interest.

For further information, call Eugenia Mironoff @ (800) 432-7114

Alsip Magistrate

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Tukwila, Washington, United States #684667

eugenia and magistrate, you are a national treasure. i look forward to talking, one day.





:eek :upset :

upset ;) :zzz


I just purchase Nuear's new Look Premier Ric and love them. I could finally hear my tv and and best of all,my wife stop complaining about me turning up the volume too loud..bought them for $6800 and was will worth it.


I really appreciate your post and you explain each and every point very well.Thanks for sharing this information.And I’ll love to read your next post too.

hearing aids

Kingman, Arizona, United States #17155

I share your dislike of Audibel. My Apollos were never programed correctly, and I had to deal with an unethical distributor.

My units were tampered with and he was trying to sell me new ones after only 2 years. Finlly found an audiologist who was able to correct most of the problems and eventually bought a set of Epoqs for less than what the Audibels cost me.

Federal Way, Washington, United States #10941

I've never been more frustrated, or disappointed in a product than Virtue hearing aids by Audibel. At over $5500- for a pair, they work no better than the cheapest pair of crappy aids I bought 3 years ago for under $1200!

I'd NEVER recommend Audibel to my worst enemy, and certainly never, ever, a friend! :cry

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