Private Label Hearing Aids,

I didn't have room in the Title to include: SURF CITY HEARING AIDS.

What is the Consumer to do?

The average Consumer, or Prospect, for a Hearing Aid has no idea as to how to proceed in the acquisition of a Hearing Aid, or any Information on Hearing Aids.

The Average Hearing Aid Dispenser, has no idea how to proceed in the acquisition of a Hearing Aidl.

What is taught, and the only thing required, in the fitting of Hearing Aids, is the technical aspects.

You learn how to use an Audiometer, and how to fill out an Audiogram.

You learn how to take an impression of each ear.

You learn how to examine an ear canal, atlhough you are not taught what to look for.

You are taught how to fill out order forms.

You are taught how to use a Cash Register or a Credit Card Processing Machine.

You receive no training, exposure, or input, from anyone dealing with Senior Citizens.

During the past 24 Years, I have attended Seminars promoting Engineers and PHD Audiologists.

Since 95% of all Hearing Aid Prospects and Users, are Senior Citizens, and in my opinion, always will be, I would like to receive information,education,and training, from those Professionals, involved in working with older People.

Their titles are too numerous to mention.

The Placing of a Private Label Name on a Hearing Aid, is to the detriment of the Consumer.

It either restricts or at least eliminates the possibility of service by anyone other than those associated with the Private Brand Label.

No Competition.

Limited Service.

No advantages.

Anyone buying a Private Brand Hearing Aid, is at the Mercy of that Brand.

Do not do it.

For further information contact: Eugenia Mironoff @ 800.432.7114 or dat35@verizon.net

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