The month of January in the Hearing Aid Industry has become the time of the year when new models are introduced to the marketplace as though they were new cars.

Different size cases, different colored cases, different shapes, different designs, anything to make a Hearing Aid look different than what it really is.

They are now being designed to make older Folks feel younger, and young People to feel Cool.

They look like Blue Tooth devices.

Young Models with Young Bodies.

An Illusion.

Sell the Image. Not the Benefit.

Its the Profit, ***.

The products are now being manufactured and assembled in China and Vietnam,Singapor, and every other 3rd World Country.

Even the low wage Economy in Poland has become too expensive.

The Hearing Aid Companies are proud to announce they are pulling out of such high labor Countries.

The problem is, that the savings are not being passed on to the Consumer.

How can a product, a Hearing Aid, that costs less than $50 American Dollars to produce, in such Countries, be brought to the United States and Europe, and be sold for $3,000 to $5,000 each, for the same product.

The Answer is Ignorance, and the Lack of Competition.

At some point, just like in every other market when there has been exploitation, a Company will step forward and make Hearing Aids available at a realistic price.

The answer is the Free Market and Competition.

Where is Warren Buffett when you need him?

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Tukwila, Washington, United States #685555

My bet is that the

Judge is right.

Assembly in the usa, perhaps.


Dodge Center, Minnesota, United States #22838

The writer is seriously uninformed. 90% of all hearing aids sold n the world are manufactured and assembled in America, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Some manufacturers have production in Singapore. None have production (yet) in China, Korea, or other far east locations.

Hearing aids have some serious microelectronics that require more skill than the average Vietnamese textile worker.

The writer is upset at marketing tactics that use younger people to make a point. Ever see ads for Viagra, high blood pressure medication, vitamins to combat osteoperosis -- they all feature a good number of younger people. Many seniors say they feel 20 years younger than they look - why not use that in marketing?

Until we have hearing aids that can map themselves to your hearing needs you will need a hearing aid dispenser or audiologist. It's not a simple as adjusting your television volume or setting the speaker levels in your home theater. There are many hearing aids sitting in dresser drawers for want of a good audiologist or dispenser - not just a salesman.

I hope you complain about the clothing industry as much as you do about hearing aids. Talk about something that costs a dollar to produce and resold for hundreds!!! But then again you probably know about one as much as you do the other...

Jacksonville, Alabama, United States #1684

You need to get your facts right a lot of hearing aids are still manufactured in the USA.

An unifromed consumer spreading miss information is not going to help. It takes time and effort to reseach a topic you should try it!

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