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A man called my office several days ago, having been referred by an existing Client, in an effort to establish an appointment for an Interview.

He left a message on my voice-mail, and I returned his call.

He called, I returned the call, I called, he returned the call, and we were engaged in what is commonly referred to as "Phone Tag"...I think.

In any event, we finally connected, and got to talk to each other.

I suggested that perhaps we could handle his inquiry over the phone, rather than him coming to my office, and taking up his time, and mine.

This approach is unheard of in the Hearing Aid Industry, because at every function and event, that has ever taking place, Hearing Aid Dispensers are taught to "Get them in the office, whatever it takes".

I don't subscribe to that technique.

I would rather talk to somebody new, over the telephone, because they don't feel pressured or threatened, and I have the opportunity to tell them the facts of life,regarding hearing aids,without ever having met them.

Since my position, observations,and opinions, never vary, I have no fear of contradiction or conrfusion.

Since I have no ulterior motive, such as selling a hearing aid, it is irrelevant to me, whether the conversation results in an appointment.

I feel I am providing honest, informative,substantive,unbiased, information. Not readily available from anyone else. If the Prospect or Client can't recognize that, or tell the difference, then perhaps they should go elsewhere.

When this Gentleman arrived, and we met, he was prepared to debate me on the subject of Hearing Aids.

He had an inch thick folder of printed material that he had downloaded from the Internet.

He was prepared.

What he wasn't prepared for, was me.

After his initial presentation, I informed him that his information and positions were incorrect.

I informed him, that I thought the most Important part of acquiring a hearing aid was the Hearing Aid Dispenser, not the Hearing Aidl.

I think that shocked him.

Most of the time, Educated Prospects, spend all their time, and their efforts, researching information on Hearing "Aids.

I always inform them they should spend their time and efforts investigating Hearing Aid Offices, and Hearing Aid Dispensers.

I informed him, that my position is, that there is basically no difference in the technology offered by any one Hearing Aid Manufacturer, than another.

This approach, has to take the "Wind out of the sail" of any novice or rookie.

All their research on the Internet, for the most part, is of no avail. Meaningless.

Try as I may, it is almost impossible to convince People, that the most important part of any Relationship, is another Person.

They prefer to believe it is the product...the commodity.

That is of course, except for the People on Trial, for anything.

Or those requiring Surgery, of any Type.

Only then, do they realize, and appreciate, the Difference in People.

Regardless, and by Any Standard, I expect this Prospect to return, and to be taken care of by my Office.,

I may be wrong, but I doubt it. And again, I really don't care. If he doesn't recognize the difference, my attitude is: Shame on him.

For further information contact: Eugenia Mironoff@ 800.432.7114 or email: dat35@verizon.net

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Tukwila, Washington, United States #685674

I agree. I bought 20used aids, and they ALL WORK ON MY EARS.

Not what I expected.

I hope, and expect, that a superb fitter will make a big difference.

Not easy to find, or identify, but I'll bet on the Judge.

There should be some others, somewhere. . ? Eugenia ?

Costco wants them, but they're rare.


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