New hearing aids are provided with warranties by the Manufacturer and those warranty provisions can usually be fulfilled by any Hearing Aid Office, anywhere in the world. The only companies that restrict the participation in the execution of the Warranty Provisions by any Hearing Aid Office, are those companies that Franchise their products, or restrict their participation by Private Label or Restricted Distribution. This is one of the reasons why Consumers should not buy Private Label products or Restricted Label products, such as Miracle-Ear, Beltone,NuEar,Audibel,Sonus,HearX,etc.
If the Consumer doesn't have the choice or selection, as to whom they want to do business with, then they are always at a disadvantage and at the mercy of the Hearing Aid Office and the Hearing Aid Dispenser. Freedom of Choice, and Competition, is always to the best interest of the Consumer.
New Hearing Aid Warranties, are provided by the Manufacturers, with usually at least two Provisions:
One Provision is called Loss & Damage Protection.
What this provides is for the replacement of a hearing aid if for any reason it disappears,is stolen,or damaged, for any reason, beyond repair.If the hearing aid is lost,or disappears, it is eligible to be replaced under the "Loss Provision". With the introduction of Digital Hearing Aids, the Manufacturers have now started charging a replacement fee for the hearing aids. Such fees vary, depending upon the Manufacturer, and the replacement cost to the Hearing Aid Dispenser is usually under $200 per hearing aid. It is a common practice for the Hearing Aid Dispenser to add a nominal amount to his replacement cost, to compensate for the time spent in executing the Loss Provision, which means the time spent in replacing the lost hearing aid, such as new impressions, fittings,and programming adjustments. Each Hearing Aid Office establishes their own Replacement Charges.If the "Lost" or "Damaged" hearing aid, is a Brand that can be replaced by any Hearing Aid Dispenser, in other words if it is not one of the Franchised or Restricted Brand Products. then the Consumer has the option of shopping for the best Replacement Price. Some Offices charge as little as $200 for their services, while others may charge $1,000 for their time and services. Usually, once the "Loss" provision is executed, the Warranty Provision expires, meaning, it will not be replaced again under the Loss Provision.
Usually, if the shell is damaged, and the hearing aid can be remade, using the original parts, the replacment of the hearing aid is not charged against the "Loss Provision" of the hearing aid, but it is charges against the "Damage" provision of the hearing aid and their is no charge for the replacement by anyone, and the "Loss Provision" still exists. Usually, the "Damage Provision" of the Warranty Protection is extended, and still in effect in the event of another damage experience.The execution of the provisions of either the Loss & Damage Protection,or the Loss Proctection, or the Damage Protection, is very often at the discretion of the Hearing Aid Dispenser or Office, and it is very important that the Consumer establishes a level of trust with the Hearing Aid Dispenser and the Hearing Aid Office, they are doing business with. Always remember, the Providers, whoever they are, make more money selling new hearing aids, for whatever reasons, and may not want the Consumer to know all the benefits available to the.
Buyer Beware.
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Glad to see this information.its very interesting.I would like to hear more information from your side.

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As a Hearing Instrument Dispenser, I would like to point out that not every dispenser is out to "make more money". I pride myself on doing everything in my power to prevent my patients from having to spend any more money than what they spent purchasing the new aids.

Yes, I make money selling hearing aids, everyone works to make money, but my primary passion for selling aids is the joy of seeing people re-enter the world of hearing and communicating.

It is a special moment when someone hears and UNDERSTANDS their loved ones, or hears the birds chirping outside. Please know that many of us are in the business for all the RIGHT reasons!

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