It is customary,ethical, and only moral, for any hearing aid office personnel, to ask anyone bringing in a hearing aid for repair service or maintenance, if the hearing aid is under any type of Warranty Protection. It doesn't make any difference if that specific office sold the applicable hearing aid or not.Legally, the Hearing Aid Office, is not required to ask that question, but all ethical offices do.
If the Client doesn't know whether the hearing aid is under any type of warranty protection, any ethical office personnel will then contact the Manufacturer of the subject hearing aid, and when divulging the serial number on the shell of the hearing aid, the Company will inform them of the Warranty Status.
If the hearing aid is under warranty,there are no charges sustained, other than the time of the submitting office.

Almost without exception, the hearing aid office will not impose any service charges for sending the hearing aid in for repair to the Manufacturer, since they have no expenses in the submission of the aid. The Courier or shipping charges are absorbed by the Manufacturer. The Hearing Aid Office, however, is not obligated to perform their service free, but most do as a courtesy to the Client.Usually, if the malfunctioning hearing aid can be repaired in the Office, by removing ear war,or adusting battery terminals,or replacing a battery door, the hearing aid office doesn't charge for their services. Most Hearing Aid Office don't charge for replacing tubing for earmolds.

Its called service.It is the responsibility of the Hearing Aid User, or their Representative, to assert their rights,and ask the Hearing Aid Office personnel, for a Warranty Card, and an explanation of what the Warranty provides and doesn't provide.

If the Consumer doesn't like what they hear, they should shop around.
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