I am tired of people who listen to other people about their hearing aids and make their decisions on what is good for them by that and not the collaboration of the audiologist and the patient for the best hearing aid to help them and serve their needs. I think they forget that most audiologists are not out to take them .

I know I am not in that group and neither are my colleagues.

I take offense to some of the attitudes that patients come in with to my office. I and many audiologists only want to do what is best

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Roseville, Michigan, United States #1252508

Bullsh#t your all a group of thieves. Taking advantage of people. Lier.....


The problem you are having is that A)you waited too late your results are permanently diminished B) fresh off the street people don't know what they are doing with programming.


My Granny goes to Avada Hearing Care in Emporia Va, she LOVES it. The lady there is really nice (funny) and Granny gives her a big hug every time I have taken her.

If you knew my Granny you would understand she does not like most people, so for her to do that really means this place is special.

She had aids from somewhere else, I cant remember where but she was having a lot of problems hearing and she went there and I will tell you it was like magic. I dont know but I will be forever happy she found this place because she is not missing anything at all now and that is a huge shock, we have her back now and we missed her when she went to those other places.

to Avada.... #1251407

I am the specialist that fit and has helped your granny. Let her know I miss her and all my other patients deeply. The company replaced me with someone fresh off the street, I hope it works out for you.


Stop tripling the price of the product after just popping in the audiogram and hitting the auto-fit button


does anyone have an opinion about Avada hearing aids?


HearSource too much money..try www.hearingaidsnow.com


I have moderate hearing loss and have been to both good and bad audiologists. The first one I saw was determined to sell me hearing aids after the first exam, even though I was very specific about being tested only to determine the extent of my hearing deficit.

It was ridiculous...they kept me there for 2 hours, testing, suggesting and urging me to buy until I finally said I had to leave. I was ready to forget the whole thing but my hearing loss was becoming a real handicap and I knew I had to do something about it. I was desperate enough that I tried a couple of aids that I ordered online and they were a waste of money.

Obviously a good audiologist is essential to having a positive result when hearing aids become necessary.

So I asked questions of friends who wore aids, searched online for clinics with websites and read hundreds of reviews until I found a hearing center 165 miles away that fit the bill. Out of dozens of reviews, no one had a single bad thing to say...it has an impeccable reputation and I can tell you, it's justified as I have never had such wonderful treatment. They provided a generous exchange period, 2 year warranty on parts and cleaning, and you pay half when you get them, half when the exhange period was up. I have been so pleased, I will never go anywhere else.

Keep searching if you're not happy with your doctor.

There are some really good people out there who do their best to see that you leave satisfied. They won't be in business long if they don't.


Can someone help ? Purchase oticon cic $1600 .

The audiologist doesnot seem to get it right. I cannot use it. It yells and screams in my hears and might be causing me more hearing loss. I am still under warrantee.

I now purchase Siemen on ebay for $199 and this is a better deal. It does not yell and I can control the volume.

Can someone tell me what to do.

Cascade, Colorado, United States #159763

Naturally some of us are pissed because it is a truly cumbersome process to be fitted and then you find out it doesn't work out the way you had hoped for. I've had Naida IX's fitted, and they stink.

They are the top of the line and I still wonder what is going on. I went to 3 different audiologists to see if anyone can do it right. Unfortunately it is not the audiologist, it's the hearing aid. It is very powerful, and tedious to program to suit the needs of the hearing loss.

Mine is pretty flat and yet they can't tailor it right. Lots of refurberation due to problem built in settings re: compression. Like you are talking through the rear of a floor square fan. What's a hearing aid if you have to listen to that.

I was way past my trial and now I am still paying for the mortgage on it and too paying extra going back and forth to the audiologist to play with the programming. It sucks. I am about to buy a second set for starky with health insurance cuz I can't afford a second mortgage on another set of hearing aids.

Meanwhile, I will send Phonak back the aids under warranty to force them to fix the problem. Sighs.


CarScott, post 8, I have purchased several hearing aids and have never experienced a "Real Ear Measurement to measure the output of the aid in the ear canal to ensure appropriate programming/adjustment." I wonder if this is why my hearing aids are not helpful even in small group situations.

How can I know if an audiologist has done a Real Ear Measurement to insure that the output of the aid in the ear canal is appropriate?


that hearing aids do not come from the "factory" properly set for each individual's hearing loss. This puts the audi in the middle, trying to fix something that they don't know everything about, quite often due to undertraining from the HA maker.

If the AAA woudl put pressure on the hearing aid makers to do what they should be doing- making the aids with the correct settings. focused on fidelity, then things would be a lot different.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #77587

In response to Kathy, there are many organizations that will help you get hearing aids for low cost. I have fit hearing aids that are high quality and for the patients' loss for very low price.

If you go to an audiologist and explain your situation I am sure they can put in touch with the organization in your state. Hope this helps


An audiogram is just the starting point when it comes to a succesful fitting. It is important for a third party to be involved.If I'm working with a couple and lets say for example I ask the person if they think they listen to the t.v.

too loud they will respond honestly that they don't, the spouse on the other hand will help by providing a clearer picture for the hearing health care professional to go by.

The biggest problem for the dispenser to overcome is denial on part of the patient.

This is not the fault of the patient. In most cases hearing loss happens over a long period of time and bringing a patient back to the world of sound takes patients on all parties involed, the person with the hearing loss, the spouse and the hearing healthcare professional


:sigh Unfortunately, I have a severe hearing loss. I only have 30% clarity in my right ear and I left ear is not much better.

I needed new hearing aids but did not want to go to the same place, I have always gone.(I feel they are just too expensive). My problem is especially financial. When I decided to get new hearing aids, I went online to see if I could find anyone that could help me financially. Well I thought I found someone.

They contacted me and set me up an appointment with a Doctor of audiology close to home. This so called help, told me they offered the lowest prices on hearing aids. Well let me assure you, low to me is *** near free. That is how bad my finances are.

Any way, they told me that they would have the audiology contact them once I had my hearing tested.

They (the audiology and this supplier) would discuss what would be best for me. I was not even in the conversation. I sat there while they discussed me as if I was the third party. I guess since I had voiced my low finances, what this online company does, is get you good hearing aids within your price range(or as close as possible).

In other words, you do not get the hearing aids you actually need, you get what is closes to your price tag. After I received my hearing aids, I never heard from this online person again. If only they did not cost so darn much. Look at cell phones and what they can do......and they are not as expensive as hearing aids.

Who is getting RICH off of the poor person who has a hearing loss. Audiologist, and hearing aid companines, why are you charging so much. Are you here to help the hearing impaired, or for the almight buck????? Please look at your self and ask why am I in this profession?

Is it to help people less fortunate, or to make lots of money??? :cry

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #70010

Iam the audiologist that does not give up and try my hardest to help the patient and try many options. I feel sometimes that the patient is not willing to also go the extra mile but if we do it together, I have many happy patients.

The success of fitting and accepting a hearing aid is patience. Oh and by the way I am not a snake oil salesman, perhaps Daniel should seek another audiologist or a hearing aid dispenser that is reputable.


Whatever. Save a ton of money and check out HearSource.com. Great hearing aids, great service, great prices.


Yes, we all know that even an audiologist needs to make a living too. :cry

Dodge Center, Minnesota, United States #64750

Daniel raises a fair point. A successful outcome is completely about cooperation, coordination, and meeting-of-minds between the audiologist and hearing loss sufferer.

It is often unfortunate that marketing, advertising, and inherent expectations lead patients to anticipate greater benefit from their hearing aids than what they can really deliver. Of course having to pay $5000 often raises expectations all by itself!

There are some standard procedures that help ensure a good outcome; a complete audiogram to measure thresholds, speech understanding in quiet and noise, measure of loudness discomfort levels, and bone conduction. A questionnaire to review your needs, then a discussion of those needs and realistic expectations as to how hearing aids can best meet those needs. A hearing aid fitting will include Real Ear Measurement to measure the output of the aid in the ear canal to ensure appropriate programming/adjustment. Then regular follow-up 4-6 times after initial fitting to adapt the hearing aid settings to your needs. Will this ensure that it meets all of your needs? Probably not. But it will ensure that the aids are doing everything possible to meet as many of your needs as possible.

Daniel, I can only suggest you keep talking to other satisfied hearing aid users and interview several audiologists to locate one that you feel is qualified and experienced to manage your unique situation.

Scott, audiologist in North Carolina



Spreading the word, about a product or services is a fact that is going to happen. Unfortunately your services are not that far removed from snake oil in the larger public opinion. I've had three attempts over the last ten years to be fitted with the latest and greatest in hearing aids, and each time I believe if the audioligist(s) was/were more willing to work with me the hearing aids would have helped me as they were supposed to.

Today I suffer from extreme hearing loss. I know I am not a t typical case. But I have attempted to explain my problems up front only to be assured that the product would make life easier. More than three or four attempts to have the aids dialed in became an obvious source of irritation ob the faces of the people attempting to program the aids in.

Each time, instead of having the same person who did the last work work with me again. I would receive a different technician whose idea of a solution was completely different from the last technician, providing no continuity.

They became frustrated. I became frustrated. Finally, inevitably, we parted ways. Instead of blaming the consumer for not being happy, and vocalizing that to friends, why don't you concentrate on a method of ensuring each customer gets the right adjustments by a texchnician assigned to them until they are satisfied. THAT would change things considerably.

Taking offense will reflect in your attitude and you will be one uinsuccessful and unhappy audiologist. Working with consumetrs id difficult at best. Perhaps you might consider another position in your company, such as ways to attain customer satisfaction in the most direct manner possible. The attitude will only hurt you.

You cannot erase that stigma over night; to be angry at your patients and carry that attitude with you will only help you to become unsuccessful.

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