For all practical purposes, there is only one type of hearing aid battery being manufactured and offered for sale,worldwide, and those hearing aid batteries are identified as Zinc-Air.
Mercury batteries, have either been out-lawed, or for whatever reason, no longer are being manufactured and made available for purchase.
The current batteries, called Zinc-Air, are manufactured by Duracell,Eveready,or Rayovac.
These companies will assign a private label to their product, primarily for marketing purposes.
There are no differences in the hearing aid batteries provided from the battery manufacturer,regardless of the label they put on the package.
All Manufacturers have agreed to a standarized identification system.
The batteries are provided with a tab placed over openings to the internal cell, to prevent the cell from being activated. Until the tab is removed, or the seal is broken, and it leaks, the batteries have unlimited shelf life.In other words, the batteries may have a shelf live for over 5 years.
The color Yellow has been assigned to size 5 battery.
This size is used in most small hearing aids. Because of its size it has the shortest battery life.
The color Orange,has been assigned to size 13. It is larger than size 10 and provides much longer battery life. This size is used in every type hearing aid made.
The size 312 has been assigned the color of Brown. It is the same diameter as size 13 but is half as thick and lasts only half as long. It is used only because of size considerations and cosmetic purposes.
The size 675 has a Blue Tab, and is usually used only with BTE hearing aids. The BTE hearing aids usually provide the most power and the battery drain and consumption is the greatest. Being the largest size battery used in hearing aids, provides the longest battery life
For the most part, there is no difference in the quality or performance of any Domestic Manufactured hearing aid battery.
Hearing aid batteries should be purchased on the basis of cost.
Buy the cheapest hearing aid battery you can, regardless of the Brand Name.
In a very short period of time, you will determine what battery brand you want to buy.
The retail price is hearing aid batteries should be about $2.50 per package of 4 batteries. Batteries are available for about $50 cents per cell or $2.00 per package of 4 (four).
There is no difference in the quality.
You do not have to use any particular hearing aid battery in any particular hearing aid.
They are all interchangeable.
Buy the cheapest battery you can, from wherever you can, and then compare the performance.
Usually, the worst place to buy hearing aid batteries is from a Hearing Aid Office, or a Drug Store.
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If you're not buying them at Costco, you're paying too much.

Longest lasting I have found to date.


Ridiculous. Like anything else you get what you pay for.

There has been an influx of inferior batteries coming in from China, that are garbage.Bad information to pass on to folks who use hearing aids there AL-SAP.

Stop being such a CHEAPSKATE, batteries aren't that costly for god sake. Quit whining..........

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