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I have them getting money out of my acount on the 18th of each month so I call to change it to the 4th when the guy is done doing what he dose. told me my due date is changed.

I said I wanted my payment date changed. he said he can't he can only change my due date. I told him he screwed me by changeing the one he said yeh you screwed your self. I asked him to change it back.

he said he cant I asked for a manager he would not and would not give me his name. 3 weeks of call and I still have not been able to talk to a manager.

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Hmm, is it possible, that if they company is taking money out of you acct., at a day or time that no longer works for u, and if they won't listen to u, so work out another arrangement, can you close your account, and let them know that they need to contact you to make other payment arrangements? Or you could prepay for the month where they won't be able to access your acct.., bc it's closed.

And in the meantime you let them know what the new payment plan is? Maybe notification to them via certified mail, return receipt, so you have proof that they were notified of the pending changes (if u have to worry about legal repercussions).

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