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I work at an Independent living program and we teach young adults independent living skills. Our young man got hired at Wendy's at 1380 East Little Creek Road, Norfolk, Va.

23505. He started work on August 15, 2012. He was told that he would be trained and was given the hours to work. He came to work but was not told about the need for a food handlers card like we told him he would need.

He had no training and was put on the cash resgister not the training one. He was put on the drive thru window. He didn't get a break and was on his feet the entire shift. Although he continue to work there this is not right.

He has not yet seen the manager since the first day. He was put on the night shift closing. This cant be right.

He has returned to out facility and told us stories about how he has been yelled at and messed up others orders because he didn't know what he was doing. What can you do.

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Wendy's should have put this young man on something like dining room duty(collecting the trays, wiping off the tables, and cleaning the trays.) I have a developmentally disabled adult daughter and she works at a Wendys, however, during the training period she had a job coach that taught her what to do. She has the dining room and is basically a greeter, too, because she is a people person.

I call her their PR person. The independent living facilities where I live have job coaches that go out with the client for awhile, until the individual learns the ins and outs of the job, and then for awhile afterwards, the job coach checks in at the business to see how it is going.

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