I ordered two listening devices (Item #0231-00) May 26, 2009 through the mail. Total amount was $23.85.

Order was mailed to ClearPoint Direct.Com, P.O. Box 3508, Champlain, N.Y. 12919. Check cleared the bank June 9, 2009 but I have not received the products.

Can you help me with this or tell me who I need to contact. Items were to be mailed to Nellie H. Laster, P.O. Box 1120, Rochelle, Ga 31709.

Can you please help with this? If not can you refer me to someone who can?

These are for my mother who is 89 and she desperately needs them.

Thank you.

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We have 2 warehouses, one in Canada and one in Champlain, NY. Champlain is a very popular postal drop off zone for consumer goods. Our local office number area code is 514, however we have a TOLL FREE number 1-888-840-9999, feel free to contact our customer service team at any time.


Please contact us directly and we can assist you to verify this complaint.

However, if the item you have ordered has been received and is in excellent condition. Can you please amend or delete this complaint posting on this website? Thank you.

Clearpoint Direct/Carole Martin




Champlain NY is a small rural town on the Canadian Border. If this were a legitimate company it would have a physical address in that town.

Also, the area code for this company is 514. This is in Canada. A Canadian area code for a company with a post office box number in a U.S. town?

Area code for Champlain is 518. Mmmmmm, real fishy if you ask me.

Sorry, but I think you with many others have been had. Not sure who you should contact, but if I were you I would find out.

Next time you order online from an unknown business, check out the company more carefully!

And just as a friendly heads up, you should NEVER put personal info (your address) online for all to see. There are too many companies that regularly patrol these boards looking for that type of thing to initiate scams and junk mail. :)

Have you contacted them directly and asked where they are? Did they send it regular mail or UPS where you can track your order?

If you did the transaction online, most companies have a link to track where your item is being shipped. I wish you the best!

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