jane waters and her crew held a 12 page police report that made me inocennt and proved wendy nguyen guilty of asault w/ a car jane waters assit. da.

held evidence and obstucted justice and discrimnated against me !!!! there were 5 witness and wendy nguyen ex husband came foward during the 12 page investigation and the da office swepted it under the rug. how twisted,after she knew she was in trouble she goes to an officer that works a second job at her work and does a police report that i push her three months ago....what a lie with no proof witness or damage just word of mouth the da"s office put a warrent out for my arrest...so acording to the harris county da office me, my 5 witness and an ex husband and a 12 page police report that totally found wendy nguyen guilty was no good only wendy nguyen was telling the truth !!!! no warrent was issued with all the evidence !!!

but they did issue a warrant for me with nothing but a lie.... three month later... if your mad at someone maybe u just need to go tell a police that person pushed you three months ago !! It works in Houston.

ooohh did i mention that she stole thousands of dollars before she did this. She got married before we were divorced.... and was proven to lie on stand... How can we let people like this to be public serventes...


any ideas ??? call me 832-860-9669

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