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I have received 2 harassing calls in the last week for my husband's ex-wife (divorced 12 years ago) She has been married numerous times since, and has never lived in this town, and the phone number has been mine since 1975...What can I do about it..the ladu this tim eon the phone was a bbbbeeeacccchhhh.

I told the first dude this had never been her number, and they haven't been married in 12 years, and told him his compnay is to never call me again....

Please tell me how to stop these calls ! Help....we pay our bills, I looked her up on the internet, she does not !

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First of all learn how to spell and to use common grammar. I can't understand a single word you are saying and it makes no sense.

Great another louzy "tourettes" charged article that makes NO sense.

Can someone tell me how to delte this article because it's junk! - Thank you :(

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