my name is james raschke from columbus. ohio.

there is no sense that a manager; paul day should come a beat and pound your door down. to cause dents on your door!! i live in a rental property that know i am responsible for. i am only a day or 2 days late due i was in the hospital for over 1 week.

this is the manager doing this!! very unprofessional. also calling relatives from the phone book. distance relatives at that.

paul day is not a good manager. i know it was the manager causing door damage cause i have a out door camera to show that i got him on show and tell!!!! he put sorry we missed you cards on my door and light post and fence. this is very unprofessional for a store manager to do.

he should not be in this position.

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Jason maybe you should be the one going back to school so you will not be such an ***!!! Your grammar is not any better than the man you are being a belligerent *** too!So unless you can do better than just critizing shut the *** up!

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #47486

And you would not be in a position where he had to knock on your door if you had paid your rent a like an adult. However judging from the way you wrote this letter I bet you don't even have a job.

I would suggest you go to school. (Let's start back to fifth grade since judging from your letter your education is not any higher than that level). Then when you finish school, get a degree. Then you can get a job and would be able to afford to pay your debts.

If you were in the hospital for brain surgery and this is why you are typing at a fifth grade level than I apologize. However if you are just *** than take the helpful suggestion I have made to you.

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