Several years ago I fell for their vacation package. After using it once I decided it wasn't for me.

I have over the years recieved many many calls. This month alone I received 11 so far. Nothing seems to work to get them off your back. Try speaking with their manager Angie 1-800-861-0854 ext.

100. I don't know if it will help so far it hasn't. You can also try contacting the State's Attorney of FL like I did.

They are now looking into my complaint of harrassment. If enough people complain maybe we can destroy their business.

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Hi, Anonymous. I tried calling you but your line was busy, so I am writing to you on this website. Please call me regarding your vacation package.


What company? ***.


You seem to have forgotten to name the name of the business you want to destroy!


Who's vacation package?

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