I have had my car since 2003. First they lied about the interest rate said 11% but it was 16%, $650.00 mo.

payment then refinanced to $529/mo. When I was short on money because I became disabled they said they could help so I thought they did. 7 years later in May they wanted $8000.00 all at once (not) Now I was on the phone to pay it off they refused reposessed my car would not take the payment.

Now I am out of my car which I payed thousands over what it was worth. TRUE STORY!!!

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Can't you comment without insulting people? I guess you just got off the school bus but go eat a peanut butter sandwich and do your homework. Kids shouldn't be posting here.


Who are you talking about? Also, what kind of car was this that you paid on for 7 years and still owed 8K?


Who exactly are you complaining about?

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #183070

This is not stealing your car. Infact if you keep the car you are the one that is stealing.

You did not pay your loans on time.

The reason that the interest rate went from 11 percent to 16 percent is because maybe you are a careless driver and got into accidents(which would explain why you are disabled, probably got disabled from one of the accidents you caused). People living around you should all be writing a letter of thanks to this company because they took your car, which means you can't drive which means one less dangerous driver on the road.

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